Saturday Stuff- day off number 3!

I decided to post even though I took yet another rest day!  🙂  I had fleeting thoughts of just going and getting something done.  But, I knew my head and heart were not in it.  I look at it this way.  My body is telling me to chill out, so I will listen to it I had a long night last night.  Miles has either allergies or a cold and was up a lot.  Matt had no clue.  It was as if the kid ( Miles, not Matt) was a newborn again!  He would cough himself awake and then call out for me. Half the time he was just yelling for me in his sleep. Poor kid.  He finally slept for a 3 solid hours (not me) and had to be rudely awaken to get ready for the day at 6:15 am.  He is such a morning person he was up and out of bed in 3 seconds flat.  Ready to go, go, go!

Matt and Amara had a 5k today!  Amara got another PR.  This was her 3rd 5k so far.   38:34 was her final time.  So proud of her.  She was so nervous last night she could not sleep.   I was proud of that too – I KNOW that is a sign of a true athlete!  😉 She is 1 tough cookie!!  Naturally, she asked to wear my Garmin GPS while she ran.

Mile 1- 12:07

Mile 2- 12:18

Mile 3- 12:41


I stayed at the finish line with camera in hand and snapped a few shots.  But, something is wrong with our USB drives for our camera so I can’t get the pictures off to share.  Bummer.  Hopefully, we Matt can get that figured out pronto.   The race announcer was really good at announcing a lot of the finishers names as they crossed the line; especially the young kids.  He of course butchered our last name ( even I do at times), but he was sure to talk about Amara’s big curly and fluffy pig-tails over the loud-speaker.  They were exceptionally large and in charge today for some reason.  “The bigger the better” – Amara’s words.  Love her.

Large and In Charge at 3 years old.

The rest of my day was spent lazing around.  Amara and I went to the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market to pick up the best pizza crust in the world.  Too bad they were all out!!  It’s just. that. good.  I did buy some strawberries, blueberries and nectarines though.  The strawberries were just picked this morning and Amara and I both ate about 10 each on the way home.  They were delicious! I plan on going back to the market Monday after spin class when the gettin’s hopefully still good!  We have homemade pizza once a week and during he summer months all we use is this awesome crust.  I can’t let the family down! ;-).   After that I took a nice long nap.  I have no idea how long it was.  At least 2 hours I would guess.  After that we ate and after that we took a walk.  After that Amara got on her 2 wheeler to practice.  She just confided in me that her so-called friends at school were teasing her when they found out she could not ride a 2 wheeler yet.( I want their names- NOW!!!) 😉   She received the bike last year for her 6th birthday and has gotten better at it, but for a while she had no desire to try because she was afraid of falling and hurting herself.  I can’t lie.  I am afraid to teach her- I am afraid she will fall and hurt herself because of me!  I will leave that one to Matt.  Teaching the kids to ride a bike and helping them  with math, that’s all him.  She did really well today too.  I think she will get it down in a few weeks with practice.  After that, Amara and I went for round 1 of  grocery shopping.  We let her stay up later then normal to grocery shop and help clean.  Ha.  She took the bait and stayed up past 9:30!  I better get to bed in case Miles decides to cough himself awake again- I am sure he does it on purpose just to spend time with me!  😉

On tap for Sunday: RIDE the bike!  I promise.


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