Day off from blogging = Day off from exercise ( or vice versa).

My blogging style sort of reflects my workouts.  If I take a day off from working out then I usually don’t post.  Usually.  Well, I did take a day off again yesterday from both!  I woke up to see rain falling AGAIN.  I went back to sleep and somehow the kids let us over sleep until after 8:30.  That just confirms that I needed the sleep anyway.  I had flashes of wanting to workout during the day, but there really was not the perfect time to fit it in.  I also don’t want to bring the kids to the Y everyday if I don’t have to.  They have to come with me if I am working as it is.  I was ( and still am) a bit sore from Wednesday’s M and M class.  2 whole days off for me this week.  Unheard of!  Not really.  I am not even freaking out. Not a lot anyway.  😉   I always preach the importance of balance and recovery so I might as well listen to myself every once in a while.   In the back of my mind I can’t help thinking about upcoming races though and the lack of training I have put in.  July 2 I have a 10 mile trail run called the T-Rex Trail Race.  I planned on doing some trail running before this race, but that did not happen.  I did this race last year and it was brutal.  Brutal for a person such as myself = awesome.  I fell, I threw up a little, and I won my age group. * I have to add that I passed  a lady in my age group with less than a half mile to go..I seem to do that a lot* I expect to do 2 out of those 3 this time around.  Ha.  I would love to win my age group again ( not sure how that happened), but I will be honest with myself.  I won’t.  My times this year have been on average way slower than my slow times of last year!  So whatever.  I will just go and enjoy the experience of running up dirt hills and the challenge of the race.  So be it!

I am teaching spin today at noon.  Wendi and I swapped classes.  It was nice not getting up at 4 something AM.  She is teaching for me next week too so I can stay out late with Mat Kearney while he sings to me all. night. long. 😉   He stalks me.  It’s kind of nice weird.  😉

Tomorrow is the Reed’s Lake Run.  Matt and Amara are running the 5k along with Matt’s 2 uncles.  I am excited to actually spectate a race of Amara’s.  She is nervous already too.   A sign of a true athlete!  🙂  I think she is most nervous about what to wear – shorts or a skirt?!?  See, I am not sure where she came from….

I have to figure out when to fit in my long run.  I will probably have to run by myself too.  Boo hoo!  I am thinking long run on Saturday ( 10 miles or so?) and a bike ride on Sunday – hopefully about 20 miles.  My go – to duathlon in on July 16th so yea, I need to get in some real bike miles.

Amara's 1st Reed's Lake run (2009) - 200 meters! 🙂


On tap for Saturday: Run long?





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