Tuesday and Wednesday – rain, rain GO AWAY! (please)

Tuesday~  I woke up to go for a bike ride to the gym and then to workout.  Great plan I thought.  It was down pouring!  Rats. foiled again!!!   Oh well.  Nothing an early morning trip to Meijer won’t cure!  I had all intentions of buying a cinnamon roll as big as my head and then going home and warming it up and eating it all by myself ( not sharing with the kids cuz they would still be asleep, and because I didn’t want to.  Get your own.  Dang kids.) while I watched the Bachelorette.  I know, it sounds like the  most perfect way to start the day  since the rain nixed my exercise plans).  Well, I never did get that cinnamon roll. Some dude employee  would not get out-of-the-way.  I was not in the talking mood and uttering the words “excuse me” just weren’t about to happen.  Oh well, it’s probably for the best and Meijer cinnamon rolls aren’t thatgood.  I might have to make a stop at Panera soon.


Later on the kids and I headed to the track so Amara could run some laps.  She has a 5k this weekend and has not been training.  It’s not her fault.  It was already hot out, but she completed almost 1.5 miles.  Miles ran too.  He had on jean shorts – poor kid.  He was so hot, but would not stop running.  He had to make sure he was in front of Amara the whole time.  He thought they were racing. I ended up doing 100 walking lunges (50 per leg) on the track while the kids ran.  I was going to do some more stuff, but it was hot!  🙂  I had fun though watching the kids do their thing.

Miles after his run....

Go Amara!


I attempted going for a run last night with RunGr.  I knew before I got to the meeting place that I was going to skip out.  My lungs were feeling super heavy  as the humidity was sky-high.  And then the thunderstorms and lightning and flash floods really let me know that I would not be running.  So.Much. Rain.

Driving home in the storm/flash flood. Fun times.

So Tuesday was basically a day off for me.  I realized that I did not take any last week and I could tell.  Tired.

Wednesday~  It’s my turn to teach the 6 am M and M class at the Y.  We did circuit training today.  The class is 45 minutes long and I guess I was having so much fun I did not realize the time.  Class was supposed to be over and we were on our final round of push ups.  oops!  I still had a few more exercises planned, but had to end class cuz it was over!!  Duh.  The class got a kick out of it though and I think some hoped I would finish off the hour.  **I take back my statement of Tuesday being an off day.  50 walking lunges.  I was reminded of these when I hopped out of bed…….

Spin at 10 am.  I thought today was going to be a race day, but since July has 5 weeks it will have to wait until next week ( good!).  The class had to settle for an interval class.  It went fast for me today for some reason.  It was a fast paced class with not many long climbs involved.


PiYo at 11.  I am still going strong with this class.  I think it might finally be getting a bit easier for me. Not easy, just easier from when I began 7 (?) weeks ago.  Consistency pays off I guess!  😉   Good class, great music and great company.

I think that will be it for the day, unless I get some energy and hop on my bike.  If the rain stays away that is….if not I will call it a day.

On tap for Thursday:  Run? Ride? Eat a cinnamon roll?





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