Sunday and little Monday Half- Marathon Action!

Sunday~  I went for a solo ride today.  I was able to get in 16.5 miles before calling it quits.  I had a plan going into the ride, but yea not so much.  I wanted to do sort of an interval workout.   I wanted to push the pace for 1 mile and then recover for a mile.  Well, I think the path I was riding on was a bit too popular for that.  That’s the excuse I will use today anyway.  My average speed ended up being 15.1 miles per hour.  I will take it!  I did a kind of interval ride, but it was not as structured as I wanted it to be. No complaints though.  I am glad I was able to get out there  and GO!  I ended up going about 16. 5 miles total.  I want to get a bigger/longer ride in soon.  My duathlon is on the 16th of July so I need to get going!  * side note.  I was offered a puff or two of an illegal substance while I was riding.  Some dude pulled off to the side and was smoking something a little suspicious smelling!  No thanks dude!  😉

Monday~  That early morning short run did not happen.  I was trying to just wake up w/o an alarm to see what happened.  Well, my “alarm”  went off at 3 am.  The alarm wanted me to hang out in the bathroom with him for a few minutes.  Since that was way too early for me to run I went back to sleep….until said alarm came back 4 hours later.  So, no run for me this morning, maybe later but probably not.

Half Marathon Headquarter's! 🙂

Spin at 10 am.   I borrowed an idea from a fellow spin instructor today.  We rode a half marathon in class.  So, it was up to me to keep just the right speed/pace/cadence.  The class had to mimic my pace etc. in order to get the proper mileage down.  It was a lot harder than I thought.  It was basically a Race Day profile……more or less.  We did it though.  I thought it was fun too.  It was a bit more nerve wracking for me because it was up to me to get the race done on time.  I was close enough.  😉  I plan on doing this more in class and will hopefully find real half marathon routes to ride.

My other gig is taking a few weeks off.  So there was no Totally Toned today.  What to do??  Go to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx of course! I still had my sitter, ( thanks Uncle D) so why not?  They both have an extensive fitness section.  If you need weights, yoga mats, Fuel Belts or kettle bells for a great price; I would suggest shopping at one of these stores.  I went to the locations on Alpine.  They also have great deals on Nike and Adidas ( dri fit styles) capri’s, running shorts and tanks.  As in the capri’s are $17-$20 and usually about $45.  Deal.  Both places have some unique food offerings as well.  They have coconut butter ( really good.  It’s a different brand than my favorite brand, but it will suffice for the price!).  They have lots of flax seed inspired items too.   As usual, I left with nothing, but thought I would share the great deals that hopefully somebody can make use of.  🙂

So my goals for last week.  I met most of them.

Insanity 2x ( will count it as strength training),  ( 1x thus far)

flexibility/core 2x,  ( core DONE) ( Flexibility 1x)

road bike 1x, (Check!)

early morning short run 1x. ( Umm, I will count my Tuesday 2 mile at 11:30am!  DONE!)

I slacked on Insanity and Flexibility.  Boo!  I will try to do better with this weeks goals:

Strength Training 2 x ( will count Insanity/Bodyrock TV as strength training)

flexibility/core 2x

road bike 1x

early morning short run 1x. 

We have lots of rain predicted for this week.  I might have to play my early morning run/ride by ear, but as long as it does not rain all day, I should be able to fit something in..right!??!

On tap for Tuesday:  Run and cross train.


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