Saturday- running and riding.

Saturday~   10 mile run with the cult group.  During the summer, we begin our runs at 7 am to beat the heat.  I wonder what time we need to start to beat the humidity – probably like 4 am.  Before taking off I actually foam rolled for a good 7 minutes!   It still kind of hurts like a mother no other, but I can take it.

We were to approach this run as an easy long run.  I am still confused by those rules as coach picked a challenging route.  Now, how can that be easy?  Just sayin.  😉  The last time we were here I had one of my best runs so that was in my mind as we set off on our 10 mile journey.  Well, that thought was left way in the back of my mind after the first 5 minutes of the run.  It was hot.  Mostly humid, but whatever.  I had planned on pushing it again to test out my new lungs.  I think the humidity was test enough without trying to add some actual speed to today’s run. My lungs were only a little thick ( that is the word I used to describe them to the doctor and his eyes lit up like the devil).  My new goal for the day was not to  crawl and to keep all my miles under 10 minutes.  I accomplished one goal.  Can you guess which one?  hint:I have no scabs on my knees.

Andi and I averaged a 9:41 pace with mile 2 at a 10:13 ( drat!!) pace.  Oh well.  That was the first hill of many.  The good news is that I had no vocal cord issues.  I’m cured- it’s a Christmas Miracle!

At the half way mark and aid station there were a few of us mommy runners having a discussion.  Our choice of topics always cracks me up.  I won’t give too many details, but we probably scared one or 2 future moms with our talk of stretch marks, saggy things and peeing when you didn’t plan on it.  I love how we try to one up each other on this stuff!  🙂  ” you think your (fill in the blank) is bad?? That’s nothing!  Look at mine!”  I am pretty sure I won (winner)again.   So, sorry to starts with a T ends with a Y with an AMM in the middle.  I hope I ( everyone actually, it wasn’t just me!!) did not scare you too badly!  😉   Did you ever hear the story about a girl on RunGr that had an almost 11 lb baby?  True story.

1 month before Miles was born... I am not sure anyone could handle seeing the picture of the "torpedo" taken hours before I had him. It looks photo shopped! 🙂

After the run Andi and I had a bright idea to go for a bike ride!  FINALLY!  It turned out to be a get the kinks out of the bike kind of ride.  I think it took us 15 minutes or so to actually get going for more than 3 minutes at a time.  Thanks to Sneller for putting my chain on .  Ha.  We might have not made it out of the parking lot! Let’s see, what else happened.  My bike computer worked, then it did not work and repeat that about 2 more times ending with it did not work.  We headed off to Millennium Park so I could practice shifting gears and approach some hills and all that good stuff.  We made it almost 10 miles in all.  I can’t to head out for  A LOT more rides this season.  Let’s just say, I the training!

The kids and I did make it out Friday to take some pictures.  I knew it was just for fun because the sun was out and it was close to nap time and some other stuff.  I took a lot of pics, but most of them were either too dark or bright or plain bad.  The main subject ( Amara) was a good sport about it.  Here are a few of the unedited pictures.  They are unedited because I don’t know how to edit. 🙂  I need to learn, but I won’t can’t sit still long enough to figure it out.

On tap for later today:  ride if the weather behaves and go to dinner for Father’s Day.


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