*YAWN* – – – I should be sleeping….

Wednesday~  I guess I forgot to blog.  Ooops.  Life happens!  It was my usual Wednesday, nothing too exciting!  Spin and PiYo.  Spin endurance class and a new PiYo format.  I think this class had more pilates involved.  Don’t get me wrong, it had a lot of yoga too as in 10 Chaturanga’s in a row.  Yes, I did “booo” the instructor for this.  Those are basically a triceps push up.  Which I don’ t really like.  At least not yesterday.  I might like them better today.


Thursday~  Well, I am up now and not riding my bike.  I am also not running.  I am sitting on the computer.   I planned on riding, but the rain was falling heavily after I woke up and then it stopped and then it started again.  Make up your mind.  I could go for a run, but then I thought that I might go run with  my running club later instead.  Hill training is on the schedule and I needs me some of that.  I hope I don’t have the excise of rain later.  I will run in the rain, just not lightning.  Been there, done that.   If worse comes to worse, today will just have to be a rest day for me.  🙂  A smart person would just get back in bed, but not me.  I think I will go see what’s on DVR that I can’t watch with my kids around instead.  Peace out.

Neglected.... 😦


Do you like to bike/run in the rain?


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