Thursday Hill Repeats!

Thursday~  Ran with my group tonight!  I went early at 6pm for the core workout.  I will most definitely feel that in the morning.  Today’s game plan was hills.  At a dreadful little place called Mulick Park.  This park has a nice sized hill that I got to run up.  The warm up today was about 2.5 miles ( same for the cool down).  I ran a little over 1 mile of hill work.  I did 6 hill sprints and called it a day.  I planned on running the whole thing and pushing my limits.  It was my own professional little experiment.  I wanted to see how hard I could work/run to make my vocal cords react.  Or to make my asthma/allergies flare up.  I am not sure if anything flared up.  That should be good news.  My heart rate was up to 171 at one point and nothing happened! My lungs felt a bit tight, but was it asthma, allergies or the plain fact that I was running up a frickin’ mountain hill?? I ended up walking after the 5th hill…I am still not sure why though. Oh I know why – I was tired. Who knows, but I think our long run on Saturday will incorporate some hill work again.  I might have to power up those again – all in the name of science!

Matt just texted me this picture.  He and the kids went fishing while I was running.  I think they win this time ( yes, everything is a competition) on the fun meter tonight!


On tap for Friday:  Spin and ?

I wanted to check in and see how I am doing on my goals for the week thus far.  Sunday is the last day to get them all in!

Insanity 2x ( will count it as strength training),  ( 1x thus far)

flexibility/core 2x,  ( core DONE) ( Flexibility 1x)

road bike 1x, (NO)

early morning short run 1x. ( Umm, I will count my Tuesday 2 mile at 11:30am!  DONE!)

I clearly have some work to do by Sunday!


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