Grand Rapids Duathlon ( In my mind….)

Well, not officially. Not even close actually. BUT, I did run, bike run today. So maybe it was treadmill run, spin class and run, but close enough. No need to be all technical!  I had planned to rise and shine at 6:30 am.  I did just that and was confused at why the alarm went off so darn early.  I turned it off and went back to sleep.  I did make it to the gym with plans to run 4 miles on the treadmill.  After running into various people I lessened my goal to 3 miles and soon it was down to 2 miles.  I needed a few extra minutes to eat some grub before I taught spin.  🙂

2 fun ( really!) miles on the treadmill.

Mile 1- 9:28

Mile 2- 8:49

I think it was the music today.  Who knows and who really cares?!!  I felt really great.

Spin class at noon today.  I found an old repeating interval class.  Oh man, it looked easier than it actually was.  Love when that happens ( sarcasm).

Running club kick off at 6 pm!  4 miler around the lake.  It was a good easy run.

mile 1- 9:48

mile 2-9:32

mile 3- 9:30

mile 4-9:47

Consistent enough!  I was super thirsty by mile 2 already.  Dang!  I am not sure if it was just a normal thing or was it my new roids inhaler!

I had my doctor’s appointment today.  I was there for about 20 minutes or less.  I am not sure how I feel about that.  Anyway, I was way off with my prediction of what was going to go down today.  I thought he ( fast talking Dr. Miller) was going to shoo me away to the speech lady.  Nope.  He wants to hold off for a while.  Long story ( not really) short.  My acute asthma is a bit less acute than it was last year.  It’s still not big and bad, but he thinks there is a correlation between the vocal cord mess and the acute asthma ( me too dude!), so I have a new inhaler to puff on for about 2 months and then we will reassess.  I am feeling positive about this.  🙂  Let’s hope it works!!!!

In other random news.  I am an organic strawberry snob.   I only buy organic strawberries.  I can’t help it.  They just taste better, end of story.  Well this seasons crop of berries are outrageous.  I was convinced that the grocery store made a mistake-the strawberries are ginormous.  They must be pumped with chemicals to make them grow this big.  But then I tasted them.  They are organic for sure.  They are so good!  The pictures don’t really capture how huge they are, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.  I would not lie about the size of my strawberries – honest!

Big Berries!

Juiced up strawberry!

On tap for Wednesday: Spin class and PiYo.

Have you encountered any super powered fruit lately? 


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