MoNdAy–InSaNe in the Membrane!

Sunday~ Off.  Since I ran a half marathon on Saturday and was super sore not to mention feeling the effects of copious amounts of wine and s’mores tired and sore.   We drove home from Ludington after breakfast.  I took a 2 hour ish nap and then let Matt take one after I got up.  I had a client at 5:30 pm and when I arrived home we all watched Gnomeo and Juliet.  Cute movie.  I then proceeded to stay up too late…..will I ever learn?? (nope).

Monday~ Spin at 10!  Intervals today.  There was a bit of everything in this class.  Strong hills, flat challenging roads, jumps, and sprints.  I think it went by quickly.  My legs held up after I got them nice and warm.  They were still very sore from Saturday.  Maybe I did not take it as easy as I thought! Totally Toned at noon.  I did not participate at all today!  Ooops!  The 3 ladies that showed up did an excellent job though.  I am not even sure why I show up! 😉

Amara is out of school for summer.  I need to get used to her home all day.  It’s still an adjustment from last year.  She went to school 5 days a week for 3 hours.  This year it was 8 hours!  Big difference.  Don’t get me wrong, of course I love to spend time with her, but it’s just an adjustment; that’s all.  The girl can talk.  She is probably board too though.  The poor thing got out homework yesterday “for fun”.  Ha.  It could be worse I guess.  She had an awesome report card!  She is reading as well as a 4th grader.  This summer we will continue to read ( me too!  We all signed up for our library’s summer reading program today!) and really work on spelling and sentences.  We might also dabble it a foreign language or 2 ( Spanish and Italian).  Why not?!?!  We have all summer!  🙂  She seems excited to get started though.  That’s my girl!

Matt and I did not sign up for X Fit Couples this time around.  😦  But I did get my hands on an Insanity DVD ( Thanks Wendi!).  Today was day 1 of hopefully 2 times a week for us.  Holy shit crap!  Plyometric Cardio Circuit was the name of this workout.  It was just as the title says INSANE!  It was good.  I am kinda scared to see what workout we will do later this week.  The picture below does not illustrate the sweat factor at all.  It was taken a good 8 minutes after the cool down.

I am not sure why we are smiling! Oh, I know why..cuz we're done!

So my goals for the week include: Insanity 2x ( will count it as strength training),  flexibility/core 2x,  road bike 1x, early morning short run 1x.

My teaching schedule this week is a bit different.   Actually, it’s not that different.  I am subbing a spin class tomorrow at noon and I am not teaching my Cardio Sculpt tomorrow because I finally have my appointment with the allergists! I am pretty sure I know how the appointment will go.  He will listen to me and then refer me back to the speech pathologist to have her deal with me! 🙂  My running club starts back up tomorrow for the summer!  Yahoo!  I miss it.  Kinda.  😉

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin class and a short run!


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