Ludington Lakestride Half – Marathon Race Recap

Saturday!  The morning started out with lots of rain.  LOTS of rain!!  I was pretty much prepared to run in a downpour.  I was not upset by this.  I planned on making it a smart race anyway, so the downpour/rain would almost guarantee that I would do just that.  My in laws live about 30 minutes or so from the race.  During the drive over the rain was not letting up.  That is until we were minutes away from finding a parking spot.  The rain stopped.  The clouds parted and blue skies were showing! Nice!  So after doint the usual pre race stuff ( potty stop, light warm up jog etc.) we were in line to take off.  The 5k and Half marathon begin at the same time and same place.  I start with Matt and my sis in law and then we part ways about .75 miles into the race.  They turn right and I keep straight.  The one thing I don’t like about this race is the start.  I don’t mind starting with the 5ker’s.  I do mind the non- chip timed start.  It’s annoying.  I was about 1 minute from the chalk line start so my time is inaccurate.  I know, I’s not that big of a deal, but it’s just annoying.  Good thing I had my Garmin.  I started at the chalk line and NOT the gun start.  I also ran 13.2 miles and not 13.1 so my time is even better than what Garmin says!  😉  I am only 79% kidding about this.  Runners are anal- duh.  I am glad I took off my wind breaker about 4 minutes before the start.  I ran comfortably in capri’s, Run Gr tank and my hat!

Garmin download :

Miles 1-3 ( 9:17, 9:44, 9:22)  I felt really great!!  It was around this time that I changed my Garmin to show heart rate and not time.  I wanted to keep my heart rate at 160 or higher.  That was my goal besides running a smart race!

Miles 4-6 (9:48, 10:30, 11:17)  This is where the FUN began.  2 miles of trail running ( hence the slowest miles of the day).  I knew it was coming this time!  I did not let my slow speed get the best of me.  I witnessed 2 people go down right in front of me.  They recovered well though.    I passed a few people and was passed a few times as well.  For the most part we were running in a single file line.  The nice things was that the roots were spray painted fluorescent green!

Miles 7-9 ( 9:50, 9:30,9:06)  I recovered nicely from the trail portion.  I feeling  good.  Probably too good for a race.  I think it was here that an older gentleman says to me ” you make this look like a walk in the park”   Ok, so I have been told that I look relaxed and efficient when I run ( and am running fast), so this was not a total put down to me.  Ha.  I think he was giving me a compliment….

Miles 10-12 (9:05, 9:22, 8:52) This is where I took my efficient walk in the park demeanor and passed the older gentleman.  He made no comment this time! 😉  I was feeling really good.  I wanted to do my last miles in 8:30 minute rage, but I did not want to get all cocky and then have some stupid vocal cord flare up.  So I reigned it in and ran comfortably.

Mile 13- (8:40)  I picked up the pace and am happy to say that in the last 1.5 miles I was not passed by anyone.  I passed a few people and in natural Marcia fashion I passed a woman that I am pretty sure was in my age group during the last 50 yards or so.  * side note- she rolled her eyes at me when I told her “good race”.  Whatev lady.  Poor sport.  (winner!)

Mile .21 (1:07)  I kicked in it way too soon.  Good thing I had a lot in the tank!  13.21 miles

Official stats from


overall place : 246/466

Gender place: 85/234

Total Pace:  9:39

Official stats from MY GARMIN:

I met my heart rate goal too! 🙂

The Ludington Lakestride Half Marathon was a well put together race.  Plenty of aid along the scenic route and for a $35 entry fee ( $28 if you sign up early), I don’t have much to complain about! I can’t wait to try for a PR here next year ( I ran a 1:51:48  here last year).


13.1 Finisher's Medal

Long sleeve cotton race tee!


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