Thursday~ OFF!  I thought I might do something, but it was most likely in my best interest to take a full day off.  I did foam roll for about 5 minutes though.  😉

Friday~  Early spin.  I repeated Wednesdays strength/hills journey.  I laid off a little bit, but once again I was sucked in by the enthusiastic class! Dang them……   don’t they know I have a race tomorrow??!??

I hightailed it out of there right after class.  This is the day I usually stay to lift and do some core.  I plan on foam rolling and stretching here at home at some point today.

I think Matt and I will start Insanity next week. We won’t be all crazy and do it 6 days a week ( who has time for that anyway?!?!) But, adding it in 1 to 2 days would be really great!  We shall see what happens though.

Me, Matt and JB- after our Ludington races last year!

Off to relax for 10seconds  minutes before the crazy off-spring morning rush begins!  🙂

On tap for Saturday: Half Marathon ( if the thunderstorms stay away)


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