Tuesday part II and Wednesday (only 1 part)

Tuesday night~ I neglected to post again about my run. Well, Andi and I made it 2 miles before we called it a day. The miles were about a 9:20 pace if I remember correctly. It was HOT. I am not sure of the exact stats, but it might have been in the mid to upper 90’s — around 96! Yup, it was toasty. We settled on a walk around Reed’s Lake instead of a slow trot. The walk was a little over 4 miles, but a lot less intense than a run would have been. It gave us a chance to catch up too since she was off running a 1/2 marathon last Saturday without me! ūüėČ I guess I actually followed some of the tips I offered yesterday. So I ended up running 2 miles and walking over 6!

Wednesday~ Spin at 10 am. Strength today. Lots of hills, lots and lots of hills. That is all we did today. One big hill. ¬† It’s been a while since I had no flat roads thrown into a strength day. Whew. It was another hot one up in there. After spin I had another session of Piyo. This might be my 6th week in a row. I almost had to miss it! But thanks to Matt for picking up Amara today from school. It was a half day for her. I picked her up at his office after the class. ¬†PiYo went by quickly today. ¬†I am not sure why. ¬†I could feel how tight my¬†hamstrings¬†were with every down dog today. ¬† ¬†My friend and fellow spin instructor brought me lunch today from his restaurant! ¬†JB’s Pizza Parlor. ¬†I asked him (JB) to surprise me with something that tasted good! ¬†I am so glad I have friends that listen to me! ūüėČ ¬†I don’t know exactly what is was, but it was delicious. ¬†It was a huge wrap ( I gave half to Matt- cuz I am nice like that). ¬†Chicken salad, with grapes, lettuce and walnuts. ¬†I might have missed something in there, but it hit the spot! ¬†I have also had several pizza’s from there and I highly¬†recommend¬†those for sure. ¬†The menu is extensive and I need to work my way¬†through¬†it! I love good food.

Today is another super hot day. ¬†The rest of the week looks good though. ¬†High’s in the 70’s up to Sunday! ¬†I hope my race on Saturday has decent weather. ¬†I am going into that race with an open mind again. ¬†I have no idea how my vocal cords will respond. ¬†They did not respond at all at this race last year, so hopefully they remember that and leave me alone on Saturday! ¬†Amara has participated in the kids 1 mile fun run on the night before the big race. ¬†She wants to do it again this year too. ¬†Which leads me to Miles. ¬†He asked if he could do it today too. ¬†He is 3.5 ¬†years old, but he assures me that he can run 1 mile. ¬†We might let him do it, but he does not have proper shoes. ¬†I don’t know if that matters because of his age, but I would hate for him to hurt his feet running in his clunky worn down shoes! I wold also hate to go out and buy $40 “running” shoes for him to¬†outgrow¬†them in 4 weeks! We better figure this one out – and fast!

On tap for Thursday:  Bike ride?  Light weights.  Flexibility.


Last years 1 mile fun run



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