Tuesday and some tips!

Tuesday~  What a morning.  I had to take Amara to school this morning.  Matt normally does that, but he was too busy catching this monster!

Mark and Matt and Muskies! ( I think) 🙂

It’s not a big deal taking her to school, it is just not a normal occurrence.  We weren’t late or anything, but I was all frazzled getting both kids and myself ready on time.  We were all in the car when I realized I forgot to make her lunch!  I ran back in the house and I swear I made that lunch in 49 seconds flat!  🙂  I wanted to go directly to the gym after dropping her off, but I was not dressed for that.  Miles and I  went back home so I could brush my teeth finally get ready for the gym.  I had plans of using the step mill today.  I have not been on that beast in a while.  Well, when I got there it was occupied.  Dangit!  After the step mill I planned on using the elliptical.  Since there are 30,000 ellipticals at the gym I was able to use it first.  I planned on just warming up, in hopes that the slow lady would be off the step mill soon, but nooooo…she took her sweet ass time.  😉  Oh well.  I used the elliptical for about 20 minutes before getting on the treadmill.  I ended up on it for 50 minutes!  The  step mill lady was actually finished about 7 minutes into my treadmill time, but by then I was already in deep gossip mode conversation with a buddy I have not had time to catch up with!  I did get some intervals in on the step mill.  10 whole minutes.  That is more than enough.  This is what I did.

Level/Level (each at 1 minute)






I hate the step mill!  Haha…it’s a great workout really, and I should throw it in my  plans more often instead of 1 time every 4 months!  I planned on 45-60 minutes of  cardio at the gym today and it ended up being about 80 minutes.  Granted, the treadmill incline walk was leisurely so I could talk!  The elliptical was not a challenge either.  My HR avg for that was 141 for 20 minutes.  My avg. HR for the step mill was only 143, but the “working” intervals section it was up in the 160’s for a few seconds.

I am still on the fence about running later.  It is 86 degrees at 1pm with 61% humidity and both are climbing!  I don’t mind running in the heat, but I am not used to it yet…so with that being said, here are a few tips for exercising in the heat!

1. Stay hydrated

Before Exercise: Drink 8 ounces of water 30 minutes prior

During Exercise: Drink 3 to 6 ounces of water every 15 minutes

After Exercise: Drink 8 ounces of water in the 30 minutes following

2. Adjust clothing. Lightweight, loose fitting, and light colors. Experts recommend cotton over synthetics. Don’t skip the socks. Light cotton socks will protect the feat and help wisk sweat away.  I personally don’t like cotton in the heat, but to each his own!

3. Back off intensity levels. When training in the heat, you won’t have to work as hard to elevate heart rate. Take this into consideration, and closely monitor heart rate during aerobic exercise. Adjust down your pace accordingly.  Noted.  🙂

4. Give yourself a couple of weeks. The human body is an amazing machine that will adjust to almost any condition. Back off intensity levels as you allow the body 10 to 14 days to acclimate itself to the hot weather.

5. Avoid training during the hottest times of the day. Take advantage of the extra daylight. Early morning and evening hours can provide us with a window of cool to get in a workout.  I missed my early window due to fish hunting!  😉


**** Hyperthermia ( TOO MUCH HEAT!)****

Heat Cramps: Cramps or muscle tightness experienced in dominant muscles such as calves and abdominal.

Heat Exhaustion: Characterized by sweating profusely, but your skin will appear cool and clammy. Body temps will still be at normal levels.

Heat Stroke: At this point the skin will turn dry and red. Sweating will stop as the body tries to conserve water. Core body temperatures of 105 degrees are possible, and this can be life threatening if left unchecked. Loss of consciousness is possible.

If you suspect that you are experiencing any of the symptoms of hyperthermia, STOP EXERCISING. Get out of the hot environment as soon as possible and replenish fluids. If caring for someone else with suspected hyperthermia, they lose consciousness, do not attempt to give anything by mouth. For simple heat cramps stretching can also be helpful.

Be especially careful when training in hot whether if you’re obese, unfit, dehydrated, or have a previous history of heat stroke.

* I am not a doctor.  I am simply supplying information.   🙂


Check back later to see if I followed the tips I posted!  😉

Do you enjoy exercising in the heat?


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