Monday!  The day is almost over… in 19 minutes to be exact and then it will be Tuesday.  Why am I still awake?!?!

Spin at 10!  It was an endurance climbing kind of day today.  We had some long climbs…. 12 minutes and 9 minutes twice!  There were some optional flat recovery roads thrown in for those that needed them.  The spin room got HOT early on.  The warm up had been going on for about 2 minutes before I inquired about the fan.  i was sure it was not on/working, but it was.  Oh man!  It was a hot one.

Totally Toned was at noon.  Now that I think of it, that room was HOT too today!  It’s not even in the same building as spin.  And it’s located in the basement!  The 3 ladies did great today.  Heavier weights for all today as well.  They did a circuit 3 time through and some tough abs at the end.  Nice work!

Moving on to the last class of X Fit Couples at 6:45.  Today was the retest session of the fit test we performed 7 weeks ago.  Matt and I had a combined score of 15% better than before!  Not bad. I did better on everything except ( booo!)   for power jacks of all things!  I did 56 in 60 seconds 7 weeks ago and only did 54 today.  I bet I cheated last time…. 😉   Oh well.  I was happy to do 7 REAL pull ups today in 60 seconds.  Last time I eeked out 5.  I will be sore tomorrow.  Which is in 11 minutes by the way.   I will  miss this class if we don’t continue on.  I hope that I can push myself this hard on my own!

Lights out!

On tap for Tuesday:  Kind of undecided.  I will do something though… run or bike or run and bike! Cardio Sculpt instruction.

Amara's medal! She ran the most 1st grade miles in Mileage Club! She was shocked..she said she thought she would get the silver, not the gold! 🙂



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