Sunday and goals for the coming week…..

Today I was a spectator at a local triathlon.  I had so much fun!  I wish I could have stayed for the entire thing though.  There was a sprint, olympic and half iron man distances today.  It was a great day for any race, although the sun was hot at a good 80 degrees but it was not as humid as yesterday.  I have yet to be motivated to participate in a tri anytime soon though.  That dang open water swim ( any swimming actually) puts a stop to that thought!  It is always nice to be on the other side of the finish line cheering and rooting on friends and strangers as well.  Fun stuff!

Goals for the week:

Sunday: OFF ( check)

Monday: strength train

Tuesday: road bike

Wednesday: core/flexibility

Thursday: light strength

Friday: core/flexibility

Saturday: Race smart!

These are my goals for the week!  I don;t have to add my cardio for the week since I am teaching as usual..the extra cardio will come from biking out doors.

Regular stuff for the coming week:

Monday: Spin, Totally Toned and X Fit Couples ( strength)

Tuesday: Cardio Sculpt and running ( I might run in the morning and cycle after cardio sculpt)

Wednesday: Spin and PiYo ( core/flexy)

Thursday: my day to do what I  want… light strength training

Friday: Spin, core and flexibility

It would be great if I can fit in a hot yoga class somewhere in there…… would be really nice.

                                                                                                                                       Cuz it does a body(mind and spirit) GOOD!

Tomorrow is our last day of the X Fit Couples class for this session.  We are not sure if we are going to continue on yet or not.  School is out for the summer on Friday for Amara  and we are looking for something for her to do.  Soccer, swimming or something like that.  Time and money are a factor here so she gets first dibs!  We love to procrastinate so we will have to decide tonight or at the latest,by next week.   We already have a back up plan in place of X Fit Couples– Insanity!  Ugh.  Can’t wait.   😉

On tap for Monday:  Spin, Totally Toned and X Fit Couples!

Question:  What are your goals for the coming week?


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