Saturday- dancing, grubbing, napping and running. Perfect day if you ask me!

Well, 5:45 am came and went!  I was actually up at 3:45 am.  Miles needed me to watch him go to the bathroom and listen to him pass some air biscuits gas. Naturally I could not fall asleep right away. My alarm went off and I shot out of bed.  I turned the alarm off.  I laid in bed for about 3 minutes.  I grabbed my running clothes.  I put them back down.  I went back to bed.  My biggest excuse is that when I woke up I had a headache.  Oh well.  I slept until about 7:30 when  both kids were ready for the day.  Amara’s recital was today.  It was a lot of fun watching her up there on stage.  I got so nervous before it was her turn!  Just excited.  I am not a fan of the makeup the little girls have to wear, although my neighbor/slash friend did a great job(I already let her know that when I want a smoky eye she is the Chosen One.)

Thanks for the flowers Uncle D!

Amara ready to dance!

My brother, his girlfriend, my dad and Matt’s parents all attended the shin dig with us.  The whole program was about 2 hours long.  After the show we headed to the Beltline Bar for lunch.  I ordered the Loaded Nacho Salad:  A bed of homemade tortilla chips, refried beans and freshmade guacamole topped with a mixture of lettuce, chicken asado, Jack & Colby cheese, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro & Parmesan cheese.  It was really tasty.  I have the other half in the fridge waiting for me for tomorrow’s lunch!

After we got home and the guests left I settled in for an almost 2 hour nap!  Nice!  Even though I always wake up from a nap feeling pretty cruddy, I knew I needed the rest.  The week has been a long one filled with my night owl ways.  It caught up to me big time.  After a few hours I contemplated going for a run.  I had pretty much talked myself out of it until Matt decided he was going to go for one.  FINE.  I guess I will go too!  😉  Before I took off I foam rolled.  My left side was giving me more issues than my right side today.  Not sure what that is all about.

I figured I would go for at least 5 miles.  I ran a whole 10k!  I kept all miles under a 10 minute pace.  I felt good.  It was warm, but nothing horrible.  I am glad that I waited until after it  cooled off a bit before I headed out.  It was a humid and hot day today.

6.2 =miles and 9:33 = pace

I hope I can fall asleep ok.  Between my 2 hour nap and working out this late I am not so sure!  I plan on watching my friend participate in the Grand Rapids Triathlon tomorrow morning….early!  I am not sure I will ever do a tri, but I surely commend those that do them.  Multi sporting at it’s best!

On tap for Sunday:  Off ( probably)


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