Wednesday and Thursday -RECAP-

May running mileage: 82.79 miles.  I will reach 100 miles one of these months.  Dare I say this month?!?!   I won’t say it.

I will start tracking my road cycling mileage starting this month as well.  If you have not heard – I got a bike!!  🙂


Wednesday-  Muscle and Movement at 6 am sharp.  I still have the fear of oversleeping whenever I teach an early class.  I know I said it before, but I have NEVER missed a class due to oversleeping and I have been teaching for 15 years.  So annoying!  I was up off and on from about 2 am until I gave up on sleep around 4:14.   Class was fun I think.  I had them do some burpees with an added push up.  I am not sure how they liked that.  We performed 2 sets of 15.   This class seemed to be more awake than the weeks past so that is a good thing.  I am really liking this 2 weeks on 2 weeks off schedule!!  Spin was at 10 am.  I will admit that I planned the class after Amara was off to school.  I sat down and planned an interval style class.  I really liked this class for some reason.  Oh, I know why.  I had almost a full class.  That always pumps me up no matter how tired I am, and I was SUPER tired.  I thought I would take it easy on myself, but that did not even come close to happening.  Oh well, it was fun.  After spin I headed over to PiYo class.  Another tough one.  I think I will say that every time I blog about it.  My core better be getting stronger and I better be getting more flexible!  I am starting to actually enjoy class more.  I have a love/hate relationship with it as I do with anything that is a huge physical challenge for me.  That concludes my day of activity!

Thursday-  I knew that I wanted to run and have a strength training session today.  I just was not sure exactly what I would do.  I went to the Body Rock tv site to see if anything looked good.   Meh. Ha.  It’s all so hard!  I looked for one that I could feel good about counting it as a full body workout.  I found one called the Right There Workout.  I modified it so I did not barf in the middle of the session.  Just being was hard.  Before I did the Body Rock workout I ran on the treadmill for a total of 1.5 miles.  I had dreams of going 3 miles, but yeah that did not happen.

This is how my workout went:

Jump squats (10)

Side step push ups R ( 2 sets)

Diagonal knee tuck (1 each side)

Side push ups L (2 sets)

Diagonal knee tuck ( 1 each side)

I performed 5 sets.  This was HARD.

This was me after the first round.  Notice the crazy eyes.

Sweat happens

After a short break ( ha..I took a good 3 minute break at least) I moved on to part 2 of this workout:


Pulse Lunge + side kick R ( 10 reps)

Pulse Lunge + side kick L (10 reps)

Diagonal dead lift with 15# body bar ( 20 total)

1 time through.  I took another 3 ish minute break and then did the whole thing over starting with the jump squats for a total of 2 sets of the whole workout.  It took me about 9 minutes ( not including the breaks) to complete.  I love the short and effective workouts these days.

I thought I would do another 10 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, but it turned into 20 minutes because I was feeling so good.  I wanted to keep going.  I planned on keeping my HR up to at least average 150 beats per minute.  I ended up doing that and then some.  I also incorporated 2 “sprints” around the track just to change it up.  My HR got up to 170 and beyond during the 1 lap sprint.  It felt great.  Woohoo!!  I haven’t been able to ride my bike yet. 😦 I kind of planned on getting up early this morning, but that did not happen.  My bike is sitting in the kitchen right now.  We are tying to figure out where to store it.  We have an haunted house unattached garage that I could use.  But I don’t wanna.  I hate thinking about unlocking it at the butt crack of dawn and fighting the spider webs and  boogie men   who knows what else to get my bike out.  So for now, it sits ain our huge(ha) kitchen and waits impatiently to be ridden.

I have a half marathon in about 9 days.  I plan on running about 8 miles on Saturday. This will probably be a solo run too. I sure hope I can make it more than 3 miles by myself! I also have my appointment with my allergists on the 14th.  I am sure he will send me back to the speech lady, but I think that my allergies/asthma may be seasonal or something.  I have no clue.  Clearly.

On tap for Friday:  Spin and core.


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