MINE! (finally)

Tuesday~  What a long day!  I taught the 12 noon spin this afternoon.  It was a strength workout today.  🙂  Bring on the hills baby!  This was a workout that I saved from a few weeks ago.  I think it got pretty good feedback then.  It went over well today too.  Sweat fest.  After class I got my bike.  MY BIKE!!  Not a borrowed one.  Nope.  My very own bike.  Kind of excited over here.  I hope to ride it this week.  No, I will be riding it this week.   I’m not scared of no dumb thunder and lightning!


Miles, please don't scratch my bike....

I planned on going for an easy run today after teaching Cardio Sculpt at 4:15, but I have a bad memory.  I was unable to do either ( thanks Andi for subbing).  Amara had her dance rehearsal today!  I had to get her from school and have someone else put on her makeup (thanks Jean and Chelie).  I am not good at putting on my own makeup, so when the dance teacher said to make her have smokey eyes I drew a blank.  Oh well.  Someday I will be all girly and stuff…. ( don’t hold your breath).

Dance rehearsal was actually fun. Well, the first hour was and then the natives I got restless.  We ducked out early, but I was able to get some cute pics of Amara before we left.  As you can see, she was way more comfortable with the outdoor shots.

Not feeling it....

I'm feelin' it now!

I think she was nervous/uncomfortable with all the people walking by while we were inside!

My long day is almost over.  I have 2 classes to plan.  One beings at 6 am so I best get on it.

On tap for Wednesday:  M n M, Spin and PiYo.


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