Weekend Update!

Saturday~  18 mile bike ride followed by at 2 mile run.  Both went OK.  Both were at a slow pace as well.  The majority of the bike was in the rain.  It was just a drizzle with a few moments of heavier rain.  I would rather be safe than sorry in this weather.  It gets slick out there on the roads!

Andi and I had plans of a 20 mile bike excursion followed by a 4.5 mile run.  Not so much!  We got a late start and our transition time from bike to run….ha!  It was at least 30 minutes.  🙂  We both were a mess.  Muddy and wet.  Andi changed her pants and I had to wipe my legs down and wipe my borrowed bike down before I returned it.  Both were covered in mud.  That only took us about 8 minutes.  The rest of the time was spent talking to our fellow employees about things that were not important could have waited.  I was procrastinating hardcore. The run greeted us with some sunshine though so that was nice.  Maybe it was a good thing we waited so long ( that it stopped raining).  All in all, it was a good enough workout!

After that my family and I packed and went on a road trip to my brother in laws house for some Memorial Day memories.  The guys went fishing when we got there and then the girls went out on the town to the casino in Greek town ( Detroit).  It was a fun time. I lost all my money the money my sis -in -law gave me in the slot machine.  😉

At the casino with my sisters! ( Juretta, me and Ruth). Mom's on the Loose.

Sunday was my day off from exercise and my day on to eating lots of yummy foods.  In excess.  It was good.

Monday~Spin at 10. Today’s class was extended to 60 minutes.  That extra 15 minutes is WORK!!  I liked it though.  We did 8 six-minute intervals.  I had about half of my regular Monday crowd and some new faces in the mix today.  After spin I did a very short circuit because our X Fit Couples class is cancelled for tonight.  😦


Shoulder Press


Mountain climbers (40)

I did 3 sets of 10

At the end of the 3rd set I added on..

walking lunges ( about 50 or so, I lost count because I was talking to Matt the whole time. – I stopped when it started to hurt)

Planks ( 20 seconds with a 10 second rest- 4 times)

This went by fast.  I wish I had X Fit instead though!  BUT the good news is that I actually did something!

We are not sure what we have planned for the rest of the day.  Miles is napping and Matt is pretending not to nap on the couch.  Amara is watching a movie.   Happy Memorial Day everyone!

On tap for Tuesday:  Spin at noon, Cardio Sculpt and Running.


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