Friday morning……

Thursday- OFF!  Ahhhhh!

Friday AM–  I had a rough time sleeping last night.   I went to bed with a splitting headache.  I can sometimes fall asleep without popping any pain killers.  I think I dozed off close to midnight ( FAIL).  I was rudely woken up by Miles asking me to take him to the bathroom.  I wonder what he would have done if I would had told him to beat it and take himself?!?!  😉  I got out of bed and my head was still hurting badly.  After getting Miles tucked back in I took some ibuprofen and laid in bed until at least 2 am before falling asleep again.  I was back up by 4:35 am to rush ( I set my clock 10 minutes late by accident) to get ready for spin.  Once again I was on time (early) and my class said they were worried I was not going to show up!  It gets on my nerves cracks me up every time they say that.  I repeated Monday’s interval class.  Because of yesterday’s much-needed rest day I felt really good while teaching today.  I  got my HR up to 171 a few times and had to back off.   After class I headed over to the upper pool (humid) deck to do my weight training.  It was weightless and only 7 minutes long.  To be honest it was to be 13 minutes, but it was hard and I cut it in half.  My big plan is to do the other half this afternoon after spin.  I put it out there, so that means I just might follow through.  😉  on to the workout.  I used another Zuzana workout from BodyRocktv – called Run the World Workout.  It was hard ( hence why I cut it in half… I most likely would have been OK, if I was fresh and not coming off of teaching an intense spin class… ) work!  

I added a 1 minute plank to the end and called it a day.  I messed up on my jump lunge + push up combo thing and made it into a burpee-  This made it waaay harder.  haha.  Ooops.  It was good though.  I will try really hard to do the second half of this workout at 1 pm today.  6 more minutes should not kill me – should it???

Breakfast today was a big one and now I don’t feel that great.  2.5 almond pancakes  + almond butter and coconut butter melted and spread on top (heaven), 2 omega 3 eggs ( these are bigger than your average egg I think) and some pineapple.  Stuffed.  But I figured I should fuel up after my workout and since I have to teach spin again at noon….. eat lots!

Off to do some laundry, watch So You Think You Can Dance and pretend to take a short nap before work.

I will be back with more later.


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