~Tuesday and Wednesday ~

Tuesday~ Cardio Sculpt class. I did a sort of “plateau buster” inspired class. Everything was timed for 60 seconds. Push ups, body weight triceps dips, squat jumps, shoulder press, biceps curls, cardio bursts, walking lunges and more. Tack on 3 sets of 50 reps of various abs and there you go– plateau busted! The idea of getting over a plateau is to do something that you don’t do on a regular basis. Taking your workout to the next level and out of ones comfort zone. I think the participants liked this class. Well, they liked it better when I explained the reasoning behind it. They did a great job and really pushed themselves!
After class I went for a run. Andi and I warmed up for 2 miles and then set off for another 4 miles. The goal for the run was to run 4 miles at half marathon pace. I knew before the warm up that my goal was only going to be RUN 4 MILES at whatever pace you want! So that’s just what I did. The 4 miles was slow. I took a short cut ( not really, it was a means to avoid a slight incline) through a little trail. I better get some time on a trail before my next race ( Ludington Lakestride 13.1 – it have about 1.5 miles worth of trail running included). My once sparkling white shoes became caked with mud. Oh well, it happens. I am glad I ran even though it did not turn out as I would have liked. On the plus side, I did not have any weird breathing or vocal episodes and it was a perfectly warm day. We did forget to practice our barefoot running though. We were on a 2 week streak!
Wednesday~ Muscle and Movement at the Y! I am back on for the next 2 weeks for this 6 am class.  I had about 11 people today, 1 less than last time so I am happy with that.  For some reason this group was a lot more talkative than the previous classes.  I won’t question it, I will just go with it!  It was fun and I am getting back into the groove of teaching on an aerobic floor again!  ( I teach on carpet at the corporate location).

After getting home and getting Amara off to school I finished selecting music for Race Day spin class at 10.  Race Days are always fun.  I have started using more visuals during class too.  As I have stated before, I am not that vocal during spin.  Yes, I give instruction, cues and motivation, but I am one of the quieter ones.  ( so I have been told anyway! 😉  )  We passed quite a few people in today’s race. The goal after passing anyone was to maintain the lead so they don’t pass you this time.  That is when the class really had to push it for a longer period.  It got hot up in that spin room! I look forward to the end of the month for race days.

Where the magic happens....

After spin I changed clothes and headed to PiYo.  It’s still hard.  I might be getting better at it, but it’s hard to tell because I am my own worst critic! My arms were the first body part to fatigue today.  I am sure it was due to X Fit Couples, Cardio Sculpt and Muscle and Movement. Yup, that sounds about right.  I mean, holding Warrior 2 for more than 4 seconds had my arms shaking like crazy!  Two more goals to check off my list:  flexibility and core.

Yes, this pose made my arms shake!

On tap for Friday:  2 spin classes and weight training


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