Monday~  Spin class at 10 am.  Strength is where it’s at.   It was a pretty simple format to follow today.  It included  a 4 minute climb (set 1. seated, 2. standing, 3. jumps on a hill, 4. running with resistance) the first 2 minutes were a moderately hard climb, the last 2 we added resistance and pushed it for 15 seconds and slowed the pace for 15 seconds until our legs fell off the 2 minutes was up.  After that, we were on a 5 minute challenging flat road, the first minute was laid back and the following 4 minutes had some hard surges involved.  Heart rates were meant to be elevated today.  Whew…mine was!

Totally Toned was at noon.  It got hot in the basement today.  I try my hardest to make it a non sweat class, but sometimes that is just not possible.  Today was one of those days.  I think it’s the compound moves (Compound exercises in weight training are those that involve more than one joint and muscle group) that got the sweat flowing ( squat press, squat flyes, wall sit + front raise, pelvic raise hold  + chest flye and biceps curls + lunges).  I guess I did not realize how many compound moves I included until just now.  Oops.  they did great with minimal complaining.  I was nice and turned the big fan on a 3 setting instead of the usual 1!  😉

Later tonight I have X Fit Couples.  While I am looking forward to class I would also love to take a nap.  Or just sleep until Tuesday!  When stress hits me I can’t sleep very well.  It stinks!

 Exercise is supposed to be a stress relief – it is, but the effects are not long enough for my liking!  I need to add regular massages and hot yoga ( ahhh, I miss it almost as much as I need it), to my wide open schedule and then all of my problems will be solved.  What an easy solution!  If only it were that easy!

My goals for the week so far:

Weight train 2x

Flexibility 1x

Core training 2x

Run 2x

Foam roll 3x

Unless I fall asleep before class tonight I will get my first goal of weight training out-of-the-way! I hope my legs can get me through class tonight, they are pretty fatigued from spin today.  I usually don’t feel the effects until later in the day or most usually the day after.

On tap for Tuesday:  Running


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