Man Candy and some exercise stuff….

He's OK looking ( if you're into that.) 🙂

Friday~  Early spin.  I could not sleep at all.  Whenever I make it to bed before 11 pm, I never sleep well.  I was basically up from 1:30 am ( off and on until 4:10 am).  Love that.  I repeated Wednesday 11 minute interval loop class again this morning.  Going along with Wednesday’s post about music, I forgot to mention that I played LL Cool J’s – Momma Said Knock You Out!! This song brought me back too….. to a day of hooker heels and a skimpy bathing suit! I know.  It’s hard to imagine me clomping walking on stage to this song in that get up.  But, it happened many moons ago.


4 first place trophies-- total shocker..I had NO idea what I was doing.

What makes that song even cooler is that my older brother used the same song when he dominated his body building competition a few months after I dominated my Figure Show.  😉  Somebody new to my Friday morning class told me they would for sure be back next week thanks to LL Cool J!  I like to throw in unexpected songs here and there.  I looked up and saw a few people getting into this one.  How can you not??  Ladies Love Cool James! ( me! me!)

Big Bro on the day of his body building show.

After class I lifted.  Here is what I did:

I did set A (1 time) and then set B and then repeated them both.


Shoulder Press

Biceps Curl

Bent over rows

Push ups

Bicycle crunches ( 50 total)

Plank hold 30 secs



weightless walking lunges (15/per)  

second set: stationary lunges ( w/weight/15)

Plie squats (15)

second set: regular squats

Hip circles + leg lifts ( 15 of each)

second set: BIG hip circles + straight leg leg lift from all 4’s position (15 each)

It was short and sweet, but I took very little break between sets and was a sweaty mess by the end .  This only took me about 20 minutes a the most.

So far for the week I have met my mini goals!

2 weight lifting sessions

1 flexibility session

1 core session 

OK, time to try to take a nap.  Well, at least close my eyes for 45 seconds intervals. Miles is on the loose.

On tap for Saturday:  Run for sure.  Perhaps bike, but not sure about that one yet.


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