Monday~  Spin class at 10 am.  Today we did 5 minute intervals with a 1 minute recovery between the  6 sets.  It was a pretty simple straight forward ride today.  I put a few challenges in each set and the class did great!

I walked into class to see a decorated bike.  Complete with streamers!!  Thanks Andi!  It was a welcome surprise. I even left the streamers on during class- we had 1 casualty but the bike still looked good with 1! I also received a sweet gift of one dozen cupcakes from my angel JuBe.  Another welcome surprise!  I shared with the class and other employees much to Miles’ dismay!  I told him it was nice to share, but he was not so sure.  Yes, he and Amara got a cupcake!

Totally Toned was at noon.  I repeated a workout that we did way back in February.  I changed up a few things and made it work.

X Fit Couples at 6:45pm.  We were forewarned last week that today’s session would be cardio heavy.  Yup. It was.  It was actually a good mix of explosive cardio/plyos and strength.  It did the job.  Each exercise was 60 seconds long.  We had an active rest period too.  That involved stepping up and down on a bench!  Thanks for the rest!  I forgot my HR monitor.  I am curious to how high my heart rate got during some of the moves.

Just a few things we did:

Jump squats

180 jumps

ski hops

vertical jumps

jumping lunges

jumping jack variations

bicycle crunches

full sit ups


Whew!  For 60 seconds remember.   It was a workout especially on tired legs!Plyo lunge (jumping switch lunge)

Which bring me to today.  I am still tired and I have a lot to do.   Tomorrow is Amara’s birthday and I have to make the treat for school ( mini popcorn balls).  I have to teach at 4:15 and running club is after that.  I am trying to skip running.  Andi won’t let me so far.  We shall see what happens!

On tap for Wednesday:  Spin and Piyo.

Any advice on making myself put on running clothes today?  🙂

* I called the doctor about my vocal cord mess, but I guess the office closed on Tuesday’s.  Naturally.  I will try again tomorrow.


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