1 More Day……..

Your 6th year of life has really been fantastic.  It’s been a lot of fun to see you gaining such independence.  It’s also been fun to see your physical changes.  Those long skinny legs ( I am not sure where those came from), all the missing teeth and even the changes in your face.  You are morphing into such a beautiful young lady.  Your first name means Eternally Beautiful.  Your dad and I choose Amara because it was unique and we just liked the sound of it. Of course I agreed with the meaning as soon as I first laid eyes on you. That was before I knew how beautiful you were on the inside.   I still think Amara fits you to this day even if meant something else!

6 years old!

First grade has been just what you needed.  You have a great teacher that knew you in kindergarten; she was your reading specialist.  She knows exactly how you learn and that has been a major help.  You want to be everyone’s friend, even to the kids that are “trouble makers” or not that nice in return.  I think that you think you can help them!  You love to help!  Your brother is still your #1 fan.

Best Buddies- 6 years old

Running, fishing and dancing are three of your favorite activities.  You are quite good at all of them too.  Oh, and you still walk around with your nose in a book every chance you get.  No complaints here. You  love crafts, singing, fashion and trying new foods.  Your favorite appetizer is calamari – the more tentacles the better!   You are such a great example of a daughter and friend.  You have a great sense of self.  A great sense of humor with a touch of sarcasm ( I know exactly where that comes from…oops!)

After running the kids marathon. 6.5 years old

Fishing with dad! 6.5 years old.


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