25k Recap!

May 14th- 25k!

So the morning started off just fine.  Cool temps, and a little precipitation.  This was nothing unusual for this race.  I opted on wearing my Run Gr tank top with my tennis skirt from Team 4 all.  I have only worn a running skirt a few times and I did not like it.  I also know better than to try out new stuff during a race, but I did it anyway, because this is the new me.  Rebellious!  Haha!  And, thank goodness it went well.  So well in fact that I MUST buy more skirts to run in!!  Seriously.   Ok, fashion show is over.  On to the good stuff!

I was feeling great.  I was in good spirits.  I was excited and not nervous at all.  I think because this race is so long ( 15.5 miles), that I feel I can save the jitters for the end.  I am way more nervous for those dumb 5k and 10k races!  Andi and I started together in the 9 minutes mile pace group.  Our plan was to slowly tick off a few seconds and then keep a steady 8: 45 ish pace.

The race started – miles 1 and 2 ( 8:59 and 8:54). I felt fine enough.  Trying to get the groove of things while dodging pot holes and people.

Miles 3 and 4 ( 9:15 and 9:53).  Oh great!  Things already start going down hill for me.  Andi was rearing to go!  I gave her the thumbs up to go on ahead.  I felt really bad about making her run by herself.  I really wanted to be there with her to experience her first 25k.  Bummer man! It was around mile 4 that I knew I needed to slow my roll pace.  Oh the humanity humidity!! I am not sure of the exact percent humidity, but it was thick.  I could feel it in my lungs.  I only have a mild case of asthma ( no big concerns), but I knew something was not right.

Miles 5-6 (9:44-9:49-10:07).  I saw quite a few friends during these miles.  Most asked if I was alright.  ( thanks, by the way!) I had so many kind words spoken to me in my time of need ( woe is me).  Everyone has had bad runs/races.  They all understood this was probably gong to be mine!  Their words of encouragement meant a lot to me and kept me going.  I was running a smart race by listening to my body, but it was nice to hear from my peers that is was OK.  Even at 34 years old, it’s nice to get an OK.  🙂

Miles 7-9 (10:57,10:07,11:06)  It was at mile 7 ish that I was very close to pulling myself out of the race.  I have never done or even contemplated doing this.  EVER.  I have never been in such a bad way ( physically or mentally) to  get to this point.  EVER. It was then that I saw JuBe ( that is what I will call her here!).  She was having one of those days as well.  She spotted me too.  We were a sight to see.  Two grown women excited to see each other, smiling and laughing one second and then running hand in hand and sobbing.  I think they were tears of pain, sadness and happiness all at the same time ( it’s GREAT to be a woman! 😉  )  We both shared our stories with one another and quickly decided to run the rest of the race together.  I know for a fact that I would have not finished this race if we had not seen each other.  I had a vocal cord dysfunction malfunction somewhere in here as well.  I ran right though it though.  I did freak out slightly, but I am not one to draw attention to myself. It only lasted about 15-20 seconds I think and then it was over.

Miles 10-12 (11:12, 10:29 and 10:00)  There were some hills here and we happily walked up most of them!  We walked through each and every water stop as we hydrated as well.  There were a few touchy moments here as well.  We were so close to the finish, but not quite there yet.  We were not going to give up even though the thought crossed both of our minds more than twice!

Miles 13-15.5 (10:09, 10:19,10:35, 10:30) JuBe and I picked up another friend down on his luck around mile 14.  He is a close friend and was actually Matt’s college roommate way back when.  Totally random, but he was eating a chocolate chip cookie and walking.  This is very typical of him and just the comic relief I needed at this exact moment!  We all picked each other up and continued to run the race.  Even though we did not feel up to it, we gradually picked up the pace when the Finish Line banner was in view.  The crowd, cheers and noise does that to ya even when you feel like poo!  We did it!  JuBe and I crossed the finish line together.  We were again, all smiles one second and then dissolved into tears ( same emotions as we felt at mile 7…).  It was such a relief to be done, but I am so very glad we stuck it out and finished.  And then I saw Andi and cried again.  Geez. I have had enough tears  to last me a while.  I don’t cry! (strong like bull and don’t you forget it!!!!)  Come on now!  I cleaned myself up so I didn’t scare my family!  They were ( Matt in particular) already worried because they were expecting me to cross the finish line at least 20 minutes before I did.  My official chip time was: 2:38:51.  I will take it!

Bling! I earned it!

Amara all smiles after her 5k PR!


9 thoughts on “25k Recap!

  1. Very inspiring, Marcia!! Thank you for sharing–you have such a wonderful attitude and spirit! It kind of makes me want to try a 25K! 🙂

  2. I found my sister at mile 9. She was dead and I walked/ran it in with her. You were not alone. We have all been there…it stinks. Glad you made it to the finish! Also glad to hear Amara had such a great race.

  3. I had crappy run too–1st 6 miles was good and then I couldn’t keep the 9:00 pace I wanted to do. I don’t know if it was humidity or dehydration or what but I was just glad to finish 2:35:55 ( not happy about the time 😦 Like you said we all have our bad running days. Your picture is cute with your daughter — at least you look that good after running a race 🙂

    • I think for a lot of us it was both….. it was hard to tell that you were dehydrated because of the rain cooling you off…and then the humidity thrown in there!! Not the best conditions for a ot of people. There will be other races that we can kick butt at! 🙂

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  5. Yes I found my sister at mile 9. I was standing at a water station gulping water trying to pull myself together all the while thinking how the heck am I going to finish the last 6 miles. She ran right past me and I yell ” Korie I need you” she stopped looked at me and said “Ok let’s go”. We ran and walked together the rest of the way and crossed the finish line together.
    I am a beginner when in comes to running and my first big race did not go exactly as I planned but I wouldn’t change it. Finishing with Korie is better than any chip time I wish I would have gotten.

    • Wow Katie, that is awesome!! Korie helped us both out in our time of need! 🙂
      I am glad you found some positivity in your first Riverbank experience. I think the experience will make you stronger in the long run – mentally and physically.
      Thanks for sharing.

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