2 Days……

2 days until your birthday!  Today  is my birthday!!  You were the perfect belated gift!

Your 5th year of life has been fantastic.  Kindergarten has started.  You can’t wait to go every afternoon.  You seemed to have made the transition quite well.  Or so it seemed!  Dad and I are not used to you misbehaving ( on a regular basis).  You started acting out at home, but not at school ( lucky for you us!)  After doing research ( yes, I am that parent), it was all totally normal behavior and just like clockwork ( so says the article), you stopped.  You were just getting used to it all.  Reading as well as a 2nd grader, new friends, sports and playing dress up ( all things princess) was how you spent your time.  You also love to sing and dance.  You are a true first-born.  Perfectionism might be your middle name.  You are very hard on yourself at times. We try to let you know that it’s OK not to be right all of the time.  I am not sure that is something that will change in time, but it makes you who you are.

5 years old! Kindergarten graduation.

After running your first 1 mile kids race!

You stillreally love your brother.  Dad and I keep waiting for that to change..any minute now.  You like to include him in all of your activities.  You also love to read to him and to teach him everything you know.  He looks up to you so much.   You exude confidence, patience and spunk.  You have been described many times as being a “very special little girl.”  I must say that I agree with that description.

5.5 years old

First day of 1st Grade! 5.5 years old.


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