3 Days……

Your 4th year was a great one!  You experienced lots of new things.  A new brother to play with, going to pre school regularly and getting into sports!


I think your dad I expected you to be jealous and waited for you to grow through an adjustment phase after Miles was born.  You did just the opposite.  You welcomed him with open arms and wanted to help out in any way.  You had such an understanding of the situation ( as best as a 4-year-old could) and made the transition so much easier that I could have imagined or hoped!


You still had a rough time leaving from play dates.  We would give you a 30 minute warning, but you never wanted to leave!  If that’s my biggest complaint about you;  I’ll take it! You are so ready for school and you are looking forward to going all day.  Your preschool teachers are happy with your progress and they are sure to keep you challenged in fear of you getting bored!  You are so close to being able to read now and you are ( us too) very excited about that.  You are a wealth of information.  You love learning and you ask questions about everything all day long.  You don’t like to be wrong either.  You may or may not get that from me.  You are just a fun-loving, joyous girl to be around.


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