4 Days……………

Let’s see….your Terrible Two’s were more like Terrible Three’s.  You were still cute and funny, BUT, you were going through some changes!  Stubborn ( you and I both fall under the Taurus sign..so I guess you are you my payback).  You threw some tantrums, that I ignored.  You did not like to be ignored.  People always commented on how pretty you were; that was fine, but Matt and I liked to always say, ” You should see how smart she is!.”  You were very compassionate and loving for a 3-year-old as well. You were always there with an “I love you,” or a big hug anytime of the day.  You always wanted to play with the kids that were playing by themselves or seemed lonely.

Three years old!

This was also the year that your baby brother was born.  You were very excited to say the least.  You could not wait to meet him ( you were hoping for a boy so he would not want to steal your dolls).  I remember how old and big you looked when you can to meet Miles for the first time.  I also remember your first encounter.  Dad asked you what you thought of your little brother. Without a doubt you said, ” I love him.”


Proud big sister at 3.5 years old.


4 thoughts on “4 Days……………

  1. I’m a relatively new follower and just had to comment on this beautiful post!

    I absolutely love (and plan to steal) your response when people comment on how pretty your daughter is… I feel the exact same way! 🙂

    Thank You for sharing this peek into your life!

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