Friday!  I love it when I can’t sleep at night!  Ugh.  What a downer.   I was up early to teach spin today.  I taught the whole class off the bike.  I had to leave my spin shoes at home so I would not talk myself into getting on the bike and “taking it easy.”  It worked.  I repeated the class I taught on Monday.  I let them know I put myself through the torture already so I knew what they were going through!  It was a toughie ( glad I got to sit it out! 😉  ).

I was super tired and almost went home after that.  I searched for a foam roller and found it.  ( darn!)  I foam rolled like a champ.  Yep, it still hurt like a mug.  It may have hurt even worse than yesterday’s session.  I refrained from walking on the treadmill and just headed home to sit on the couch for 5 minutes before the kids got up.  I think I actually got in 8 minutes of quiet time before the morning rush started. Oh, Miles got into trouble last night. It involved a bar of soap, mouth wash and some lies. That kid!! 🙂

Hopefully I can get the kids to bed on time if not sooner tonight.  Amara is tired and crabby.  She was up late the past 2 nights.  The thunderstorms and then dance class was last night.  She told me she was tired before she left for school and almost looked as if she would dissolve into tears. ( She is my drama mama).  She will have a rude wake up call in the morning for her 5k.  Matt wants to leave home around 6:30 am.

After the race we usually always get Perkin’s breakfast.  I am looking forward to some pancakes.  Or maybe some French toast.  Yummy!  This race is kind of the kick off of sorts.  There are a lot of celebrations in the spring for us.  Anniversary, Mother’s Day, 25k race, my birthday, Amara’s birthday, and probably 5 more things.  Fun times!

On tap for Saturday:  25k! ( pay attention!!)  😉

All of us after the BIG race...2010

Matt and Amara before 5k ( 2010)


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