Sketchy Skechers for adolescents?

I forgot to add that my mini carb load started yesterday.  I say mini because I normally don’t increase my carbs too much during half marathon training.  I do though with a Duathlon ( usually over 20 miles) and the horrible marathon!  😉  I was also mindful of my water chugging yesterday and I will be today as well.  Tomorrow I will eat pretty much back to normal, but with extra water intake.  80% chance of rain for race day.  Awesome.

About 4 weeks  ago I saw this Skeevy Skecher’s Shape Ups commercial.  It was kind of disturbing to say the least.  It’s advertising the toning shoes for girls! What makes it worse was the look on my 6 year olds face.  She wants these shoes!  The commercial is so lame – boys dressed as cupcakes and hot dogs chasing the girl wearing the shoes?!?! I don’t even know what that means.  I am sure Amara thinks they are regular, fun looking shoes.  She likes cartoons and girls in rock bands – therefore these shoes are cool!  She wants a pair of Skechers Twinkle Toes sparkly shoes too (I can deal with those).  And, what about the 10-13 year old that knows what Shape Up Toning shoes are used for?  That does not sit well with me.  I hate to think there is a deeper meaning in regards to a pair of sneakers, but in this case, I think there is! I will admit, I was intrigued by this style of shoe when it came out a few years ago.  I never gave into the hype though.  I rely on good old-fashioned exercise in regular shoes!  I don’t knock anybody for getting these shoes though.  I usually have a lot of questions for the person wearing them and 9/10 they claim they are seeing results.  I just think these shoes should be for adults and not little girls.  Young girls already have a lot going on in their brains, just add more body image issues for them.

Thoughts?  I would like to hear them!


7 thoughts on “Sketchy Skechers for adolescents?

  1. Girl, I was sooooooooo livid when I saw this crap! I was like wtf? Excuse the potty mouth. But, it royally pissed me off! All I could think was “What the hell is Skechers doing marketing this type of shit to little girls?” Yeah, I think Skechers needs a kick in the ass for this one!!!!

  2. If parents really feel they need to buy “Shape Ups” for their kids, maybe they should just take them to the park and let them run around a little bit. I mean, let’s face it: kids don’t know what ‘shape-ups’ mean (as Marcia stated) but parents do…and they are the target of this marketing ploy. Skechers makes the shoes sparkly and pretty to attract the kiddos and the “shape ups” name to attract the moms, who (sadly) buy into the lie that a shoe is going to make you fit.

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