Barefoot running on a Tuesday. Spinning and PiYoing on a Wednesday

Tuesday~  Cardio Sculpt.  Tonight’s class requested legs and abs.  I hope I came through.  There were lots of lunges and squats and lots of hip action too.  I think one sequence they enjoyed (ha) was the squats followed by squat jumps followed by squat pulses and ending with a squat hold.  Burn baby burn!   We did weights abs, abs on the ball and planks.  They were given an all over great workout with a bit of emphasis on the butt and abs.  Next weeks request:  Arms *triceps* and inner thigh!  I love requests..really, I do!

Running club at 6:30. Andi and I met at 5:30 ish to get our 2 mile warm up in.  After the warm up some people met with coach at 6 pm to discuss our upcoming race ( 25k this Saturday!!!)  We talked about race day nutrition and how to dress and what approach to take while running to meet our goals.  I have been to this “talk” before, but it’s always good to hear the same tips and opinions as well as new ones.  Tonight’s workout was to be 4 miles at race pace goal.  Hmmmm.   Well, since I don’t really have a race goal (*yet), I kind of winged it.  The race is on Saturday, and nothing I do from now until then will improve my running…..well, that is not 100% true.  But in training it won’t really make a difference.  I can still over train this week and make it worse though.  I don’t plan on doing that though.  I was trying to be mindful of my posture, cadence, stride and foot strike though.  It kind of made the time go by faster too.

Mile 1 was 8:50

Mile 2- 8:45

Mile 3- 8:32

Mile 4- 8:30

Negative splits! haha.  I was pleased with how it went.  I was surprised at how umm, awful I felt though during the run.  I think it was the warm weather.  We are not so much used to running in anything besides snow, wind and cold lately.  Tuesday was in the mid 70’s with some humidity. I refuse to complain though.  ( at least not here). 😉  Andi and I met up with some running friends and did our first barefoot lap on the track!  We were told to ease into it, so I think 1 lap ( before a big race…ha) is sufficient.  I thought it felt good on my feet.  Some of the others ran in the grass- for whatever reason.  My feet are pretty gross and tough so I can probably run on glass without an issue.   Either way – we were all barefoot.  It was fun and I am glad I thought of it! Even if I don’t jump on the bandwagon of barefoot running I hope to incorporate a few barefoot laps when I think about it.

Wednesday~ Spin at 10.  Endurance for all!  I warned my class that we would once again be doing an endurance ride.  Today was a ride with sets of rollers.  Moderate hills were thrown in for some variety and also so the class could try to keep their excretion level steady even though we were climbing.  It’s hard to convey such a feat to some, but I think most of the class understood what I was tying to do!

Piyo at 11!  Whew.  Today was a level  4 class.  As I already knew…I suck stink at this!  In my own defense( ya knew that was coming) my upper body was dead from Monday night’s X fit Couples class  my arms were not happy with the planks, chair poses or the Chaturanga.  This class is such a challenge for me!  I have made it 3 weeks in a row though!


I am working on my next Q and A post.  Send your questions to

On tap for Thursday:  Foam Roll, elliptical, light weights and stretch – in that order!


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