Sunday and Monday recap…….

Sunday~I took a day off from exercise, for the most part! It was actually hard because I had the time to come and go as I pleased……but, this is also race week so I best be slowin’ my roll! I thought I would try to do a yoga workout on Exercise TV. I found one called Recovery Day Yoga. It

Active Recovery

was only about 20 minutes long. Perfect! My attention for yoga/pilates workouts on TV is not very long. Let’s just say that out of the 20 ish minutes I think I lasted 12! It was still good though I still got a bit of stretching and recovery in. The rest of the day I spent cleaning and running around until the family got home. I said a quick hello to them and then I had to work. Lame! ūüėČ I am pretty sure Miles grew from Wednesday to Sunday! He seemed so big to me.
Monday~ Spin at 10. ¬†As I always say( ha) Those recovery days do wonders for my performance! ¬†Today we had a tough strength class and MAN was it hard. ¬†It was more of a¬†muscle¬†endurance strength ride, not so much about speed as it was about staying in a specific cadence while¬†generating¬†MUCHO power! ¬†I had a lot of energy to burn from taking the day off on Sunday. ¬†I also had new music! ¬†That always puts me in a good mood. ¬†I played the new one from The Foo Fighter’s – ¬†We ended on a strong flat road with this song. ¬†I would like to add that Miles approved of this song, ” Mom, is that the Foo Foo Fighter’s song? ¬†You should play that in Spin class today.” ¬†He is one cool little dude! ūüėČ

Totally Toned was at 12 noon.  A weight circuit was completed three times today.  I thought they would get thorough it only twice, but my calculations were off by about 7 minutes!  So, three times a charm!

After getting Amara from school we were on the hunt.  Her birthday is coming up on the 18th and her 5k is on the 14th.  She needs new running shoes!  We had luck at the 2nd store and she seemed happy. She was not sure that the shoes should be considered an early birthday present.

Amara's new kicks.

There was one tense moment though; she could not decide on the pink or purple accent color! ¬†Would they match my running clothes?? ¬†Oh dear!! ¬†Sometimes¬†I have no idea how I gave birth to such a girly being!! ¬†When I was her age I was shunning pink and was into¬†anything¬†my older bros were into…NOT PINK! ¬†ūüôā ¬† Gotta love her. ¬†She went with the purple ( my favorite color).

X Fit Couples was at 6:45 pm. ¬†Holy Crap! ¬†Without giving the whole class away….. ¬†we had 4 circuits tonight each performed ¬†twice. ¬†Each circuit had 6 exercises. ¬†Each exercise was alloted a certain number of seconds… starting with 10 seconds then 20, 30…. . the last exercise¬†was 60 seconds.

Push Series – included push ups, Triceps ext., Chest Press ( exercises pushing away from your body)

Pull Series included biceps curls, back rows, and up right rows. ( exercises pulling away from the body)

Legs SeriesРincluded, jump squats, Romanian dead lifts and body weight squats.

3 rounds of stairs ( 4 flights ) I was pretty sure my legs were going to give out during this section.  For real!

Core Series– Hanging leg raises, bicycles and hover.

It was no joke tonight ( and it never is!), but tonight was taking it to the next level I think.  Loved it!

Our warning for next week was CARDIO. ¬†uh oh. ¬†ūüėČ

On tap for Tuesday:  Cardio Sculpt and Running.

My cardio sculpt class wants a lot of  butt and exercises today.  Ask and you shall receive! I am off to plan that class!


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