10 miles and some Power Spin on the side…….

Saturday- return of the ginormous font!!!

Today I ran 10 miles and then took a spin class and rode almost 20 miles.  The run went well.  The day started out chilly, so that always makes it interesting to dress correctly.  I took off my windbreaker in fear of overheating and  I think I made the right decision.  I ended u[ wearing capris, and a short sleeve  tee-shirt.  I was cold at first, but warmed up enough within the first 15 minutes or so.  My hands were frozen solid as usual, but that’s normal.  I felt a bit dehydrated I think towards the end and slowed my pace down when all I really wanted to do was speed up and get something to drink.

The abbreviated play by-play.  I literally just downloaded my stats and they are better than I thought. ha.  I was not feeling the run today, but I had good company so that ALWAYS makes for a more enjoyable crappy run.  I also practiced my new running style.  I practiced my cadence,  foot striking and relaxing my arms.

Mile 1 and 2 ( 9:34 and 9:31)  Just getting into the swing of things.

Miles 3 and 4 (9:17 and 9:10)  I felt pretty good so far.  Just thirsty!  Fuel was about mile 3.

Miles 5 and 6 (9:16 and 9:01).  At about mile 6 I kept looking at my Garmin and wondering why it was going so slowly! ( water and Gatorade)

Mile 7 and 8 ( 9:25 and 9:31) This whole time I thought my miles were consistent at 9:30 pace.

Miles 9 and 10 ( 9:13 and 9:30).  Done!  And happy about it!

9:20 was my average pace.  I will take it! 🙂

I foam rolled before I left my house this morning too.  I did not go as long as I had hopped, but I love to procrastinate.  It was still quite tender from all the rolling I did yesterday.  I plan on doing it more before bed.  I keep telling myself it will  get better and not hurt so dang much!

After Spin I headed to the YMCA to take Andi’s 1 hour Power Spin class.  I took it as a total recovery ride for sure.  Man, my legs were tired.  It was a long week of classes and training and my own stuff.  It was a fun class, great music and I had nothing else to do!  I went home, ate some soup and took a 2 hour nap!!  Two hours!!  That probably had something to do with me getting to bed around 1 am and getting up at 6 though…..ha.

My family has been gone since Wednesday!  I don’t announce that stuff because there are weirdos out there.  They will be home soon.  AndI have

Drake- notice the dog drool..it proves he is all kinds of crazy and on guard at ALL TIMES! Don't mess.

a ferocious guard dog that will lick bite your face if you try to break in! They have been gone since Wednesday late afternoon.  We have a cabin that has been in Matt’s family for a while.  It’s Miles first year going.  He was so excited!  I have talked to them on the phone every night too.  It’s so funny to hear Miles’ voice on the phone!  I will admit that I had a hard time with him leaving me for 4 nights!  That is the longest since he was born.  Of course I miss Amara as well, but she is almost 7 and has been going on this trip since she was 3 too.  I missed her a lot years ago!  😉

I miss these faces!

It will be nice to have them home.  I got bored fast, let me tell you!  I have sandwiches to make and butts to wipe( well, just 1)!  It was nice to sleep in.  Even though it was hard to stay asleep past 8 am.  Ugh!

On tap for Sunday: ????


2 thoughts on “10 miles and some Power Spin on the side…….

  1. That was a cute post. 🙂 Not sure if you were going for cute..but, it was! Your doggie!!! Is he a chocolate lab? My “Augustina” looks just like Drake and she’s a frickin’ licker from hell!!! She’s such a fabulous dog. We call her Augustina, the Dutchess of Hamburg. Cuz she’s a fatty boombalatty! Poor girl has more girth than she knows what to do with! Does Drake like chubby girls? Hehehe! 10 miles FOLLOWED by 20 on the bike? Are you insane? Girl, you really are superwoman!!! Have a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

    • I will take cute! 😉 Drake will be 8 in Oct. He is a chocolate lab. He will lick anybody to death….. He likes all kinds of dogs ( boys too! haha) 🙂
      Happy Mother’s Day to you Lisa!

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