Friday –   I have no idea how I made this text look this way.  I kinda like it.  And I kinda have no choice now!

Spin was at 12 noon today! Hooray!  It was nice to not get up at the butt crack of dawn today.  I love my early monring’ers, but sometimes it’s nice to not see them! Haha…they were in good hands though.  They had the pleasure of having Wendi torture them!  Wendi is also the reason that I am a spin instructor.  I am not sure if she knows how much I HATED spin class when I took my first class ( instructed by her!)  Well, it grew on me and it is now my most favorite class to instruct/take!

Class was fun. I did a strength interval today.  I was able to use an old playlist because it was new to them!  I totally forgot to do core after class.  I think since I was kind of off my regular schedule I forgot.  Oh well, there is still time…ha.

I did finally bite the bullet and get my very own pain inducer  foam roller!  I went to Super Wal-Mart!

My new BFF

 I also picked up some almond butter ( it’s about $3 less than my usual grocery store- what a rip off).  When I got home I was very anxious to foam roll.  So about 2 hours later…that is just what I did. OUCH! I am so afraid of this device.  I know I talk about it a lot, but it HURTS.  And I don’t mean it hurts so good either!  Ugh.  My right IT band is all kinds of messed up though.  I rolled for about 20 minutes and it is very sore now.  They tell me that is how it will be until I get consistent with it.  That means that I must roll again before tomorrows 10 miler.

Rolling face....(pain)

Can’t wait!  I will try to be consistent with the rolling because if I don’t there is a good chance my running career ( just cuz I don’t get paid for it does not mean it’s NOT a career….  🙂  )

So tomorrow begins my taper for the 25k.  I can say that I started the taper last weekend because I only ran 6.2 miles, but I also biked 30k…so that would not be much of a taper I don’t think.   I don’t want to jinx things, but I think the weather for the 25k might be good.  I can only vaguely remember 1 year that most of the race had OK weather.  It’s usually cold, rainy, windy and dumb.  Thank you Michigan.  I never get upset for the crap weather, I just pretty much expect it.  Well, I better go wash my running clothes.  I love to wait until the last-minute!

On tap for Saturday: 10 mile run, yoga?


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