Day off( almost) and the Good Form Running Clinic

Thursday~  Today is sometimes an OFF day for me.  Off meaning that I don’t teach any classes.  I sometimes think I should use today as a running day.  I almost did too, but at the last-minute decided against it.  I was tired from my workouts and probably would not have met the goal of today ( the workout for today was upwards of 10 miles total- not an easy task for me to take on by myself!).  I stayed home and made soup and roasted veggies and even did a little cleaning.  But, as the day went on, I grew restless and went to the 5:30 pm spin class.  I made a goal for myself to not let my heart rate exceed 160 though.  It got to 161 once and only for a few seconds.  My average for class was in the 140’s so I did well! 🙂

After class I went to have my running form analyzed!  It was really cool.  It’s FREE too!!  Gazelle Sports offers a free Good Form Running Clinic several times a month. I signed up about a year ago and never went, so I tried again this year.  I wish I would have made it last year!  Good form is so important.  Bad form can lead to injuries.  Some of the bad form most of us have can be easily corrected.  If you are prone to shin splints you probably just have bad form!   We took a short jog around the building and then we were recorded while running. It seems I have rather good form, but I am a heel striker.  This was the main problem for this group of 16 people.  Heel striking= The stage in gait at which the heel of the foot or shoe first makes contact with the walking surface.  Efficient runners have a mid foot heel strike ( landing on the middle of the foot ) We learned about proper form, posture, cadence and efficiency.  I can’t wait to try out the techniques!  We also tried bare foot running.  It was amazing to see the majority of the participants form naturally get better with no shoes on.  This was even before we knew

5 finger shoes

anything about form too; so we really weren’t trying to make better adjustments!  I went from a heel striker to a mid foot striker just by taking my shoes off!  I guess all the hype is true!  It was stressed that if we want to try barefoot running, minimalist running shoes or Vibram 5 finger shoes to do it gradually.  You have to break in the shoes and your body before putting in the big miles.  Your body is most likely not accustomed to using its mid foot muscles constantly!   Andi and I plan on going back in a few months to see if we made any improvements.  I recommend this free clinic to beginner to veteran runners.

After the clinic Andi and I decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Chili’s.  Nachos and margarita’s anyone?? Don’t mind if I do!  I am a horrible drinker ( I need more practice I guess..) so I traded my early morning spin with the 12 noon instructor ( thanks Wendi!) for tomorrow.  It will be nice to try to sleep in instead of getting up at 4:25 am!

On tap for Friday:  Spin at NOON!


6 thoughts on “Day off( almost) and the Good Form Running Clinic

  1. This is a cool site! I have wanted to try barefoot running for a while… Maybe start out on a track or something. I didn’t realize Gazelle had those clinics for free, great!!

    • They did say to perhaps start or end your barefoot run on a track or grass for about 1-2 laps. They were very adamant about not doing too much at one time.

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