Running and a Jammed Packed Wednesday!

Ok, back to Tuesday night’s speed work!

Tuesday’s plan was Mixed Intervals.

2 mile warm up – 18:19  I was still NOT feeling the whole running thing yet.

2 miles at 1/2 marathon pace –  My goal pace was 8:53 ( since that was my most recent 1/2 marathon pace)  Actual pace= 8:39 .  I felt pretty good, even with the wind on the home stretch.

2 minute rest ( or 3, who’s counting really???)

1 mile at tempo – My tempo goal- not so sure, but I settled at 8:00-8:05  Actual pace = 8:11.  The wind got me.  Really.  It was in the worst place possible…on the last straight away on the track.  That’s just mean!  🙂

1 minute rest

800 meters at 5k pace – goal pace- 7:35 actual pace = 7:37.  I blame the wind again.  I was sooo close to goal.

equal rest

400 meters all out.  No goal..I have no idea what my all out effort is.  It took me 1:30.  I don’t think it was all out.  I got a bit scared of my awesome breathing, but I think I could have done better than 1:30.

2 mile cool down- ummm…Andi and I walked a whole lap around the track instead! Rebels!

I was happy with how the workout went.  This was my first time doing a workout such as this.  The mail goal was to progressively get faster as the distances got shorter.


M & M at 6 am!  Let’s wake up people!  I had most of the same people from last week.  I guess they didn’t mind me too much.  We did more cardio than last week today.  That was the only feedback or constructive criticism that I received.  I always ask and I never  ( well, usually) get offended.  Of course, the person that suggested that was not in class today!  Figures…  😉  I only did a little kick boxing today, but the cardio that we did was very easy to follow, but effective.  After class I did biceps, triceps and lat pull downs to feel well-rounded.  I did plenty of lunges and squats in class.  I get a break from this class for 2 whole weeks!  I like that.  I think I will enjoy this rotation.

Spin at 10!  Interval’s this morning.  I will admit that I made up this class this morning.  I usually do it the night before at the latest.  But, for some odd reason it just slipped my mind!  Oops!  Well I was not scrambling to make the class up this morning.  I have been doing this for years!  Class today was hard!  In the very best way.

I was able to take PiYo again today.  It was already harder than last weeks class!  I think today had more pilates than yoga.  Ugh.  I suck at pilates!  I know I need it in my world though so this was great.  I will definitely keep up with this as long as it fits in my schedule.  I need to work on core strength in general, but with running and cycling it’s extra important.  I have a very hard time doing yoga and pilates on my own so this is perfect.

On tap for Thursday:  Run?

Blast from the past: May 4, 2008! 3 years ago today. Sniff, sniff....


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