Monday Night

Mileage for April:  52.3 miles.  I thought I would beat last months, but not so much!

Tonight Matt and I went to X Fit Couples class.  I felt really fatigued.  I did not really want to go, but I have goals and if I skip out, Matt thinks he has to as well.  😉

After the warm up ( 3 laps around the track) the fun began.  Each Circuit was completed twice before the next one started.

Circuit 1:    1 minute each

TRX Rows

Jump Rope

Alternating Kettle bell lunges

Globe Squats (yuck)

20 seconds of each:

jumping jacks


butt kicks

REPEAT circuit after 2 min. rest

Circuit 2:    1 minute each

Box Jumps

Wall Balls

Kettle bell swings

Frog Jumps ( hop forward and touch the ground and then hop backwards and touch the ground)

20 seconds each: sprint in place, ski jumps, jumping switch lunges

REPEAT circuit after 2 min. rest

Circuit 3:    1 minute each

TRX bicep curls

Verticle Jump in place ( similar to a squat jump, but the full squat is not necessary…knees and feet together and land softly)

Jumping Jacks with kettle bell (ouch!)

Push ups

20 seconds each:  standing climbers ( mimic climbing up a rope at a fast pace), high knees and flurry ( punches)

REPEAT circuit after 2 min. rest

*ending with great yoga stretches!!*

I know that I messed up the order in the above exercises, but I also know that I actually remembered all of them!  This was really intense and I loved almost every minute of it.  I am already feeling the pain.  My legs were fatigued as it was so I know this was not much help in the recovery they needed.  Running on Tuesday should go well…..

On tap for Tuesday:  Cardio Sculpt and Running.

The archives: This pic is from May 2, 2010


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