~*Steelcase Duathlon Recap~*

Sunday~  Well today was the day! My first duathlon of the season!  I usually only do 1 a year so this was a big deal to get in hopefully 2 this year!  By big deal, I mean I just like to compete.

So anyhow– it was finally warm!  Even at  6 am!  My race day wardrobe was hanging in limbo because Michigan is known for how fast the forecast changes.  I brought a long sleeve, windbreaker, hat, vest and gloves.  I am very happy that I was able to wear capris and a tee-shirt!

I was honestly not sure how to approach this race.  I went into it pretty much knowing I would not be competitive at it.  I went out the night before and was in bed after midnight.  This is typical of me.. well not the going out part, but the staying up late part is.  I was at a pub crawl fundraiser though.  I also had more water than alcohol…so that’s a plus.  The bike I used was also an issue.  The awesome bike was borrowed and unfamiliar to me.  That’s ok.  It only took me about  6 miles during the bike part to figure it out! 😉

On to the actual race!  It started at 10 am which was actually nice.  The only thing is there was a discrepancy on when packet pick up started… the email I received 3 times started a 7 am pick up time.  So I was up and 5: 30 am ( yep), and at the site at 7:15 ready for my packet.  Well, too bad it really started at 8am..no exceptions. Annoying to say the least.  That could have been an extra 60 minutes of sleep.  I think I could have won the whole duathlon with that extra hour!!!  Not really, but I do enjoy my sleep.  This was a very small race..less than 100 people possibly.  The gun went off at 10 am sharp.

I pulled a 7:47 first mile.  Big mistake.  Oh well!  It was here that I was certain this race would indeed be a fun one for me.  I decided that I was not going to go all out.  Mainly I did not want to suffer and vocal cord fiasco’s.  please, not today.  i wanted to enjoy the weather, the people and my kids on the sidelines!  Miles 2 and 3 were 8:30 and 8:48 respectively.  ON to the bike now.  My transition was soooo sloooow.  1:25.  Seriously?!?

As I stated before I was not familiar with the gears on this bike.  It took me a bit to get the hang of it and by that time the wind was in full force!  My new goal was to at least get 4 minute miles.  before I would have liked it to be at least 3:00 -3:15 or better!  I did pretty good with this very conservative goal.  I won’t give the mile play by-play here, but if you want to see for yourself – go ahead! ( CLICK!) This would be considered a fast course.  Ha!  There were some hill climbs that were challenging, but the wind did me in.  Also the wind and hill mix?  Not a big fan. After the bike was finally over I got to run another 5k!  mile 1 – 8:24 ( somehow! I actually felt better than I thought..probably because I was slower on the bike??)  Mile 2- (8:58) I walked though 2 aid stations sipping my water.  🙂  I was thirsty!  Mile 3- ( 8:31).  I passed a woman in my age group and beat her by .02 of a second ( sorry lady).  I did that last year too and got first in my age group.  I got 4th at this race!  I was close to get the 3rd place too, but I did not kick it in until it was too late.

I was  66 place of out of 96 racers and 18 place out of 36 women.  I made the cut off..whew!  I am happy with being in the middle of the pack! Dead middle.  Funny.

I am happy with how this race turned out.  With no specific training under my belt I think I did quite well!  The medal was cool and the t-shirt is soft!  Score!  I noticed that I smiled in just about all of the pictures of myself.  That has NEVER happened.  For real.  That is all the proof that I need that I was having fun!

Thanks to Andi and Trevor for watching the kids and for the great pictures.

Congrats to Andi for performing like a rock star in her very first duathlon!  5th woman overall and 1st in her age group!  Rock n’ Roll! 😉

the shirt

Andi and I after it was all over...

Luckily I did not fall.... I was trying to show off with 1 hand on the handle bars!

Smiling and waving to my kids! My biggest fans!


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