And the winner of the Spark is Kelly Albus Robson with entry #23!
I used integer to choose the winner.
Congrats Kelly!!
Please email me with your home address and I will get your Spark in the mail this week!

Monday so far~ I woke up today feeling really drained. I feel a lot better than I did after the half marathon at least! My body is sore now, but not as bad as I anticipated. This is a good thing! Spin at 10 am today. It’s been a while since I did an endurance class with this group so that is just what we did. I think it went over well. I explained a lot more about why endurance is great for everyone ( fat burning, building a base, getting out of your comfort zone and develop mental focus among other reasons).
After spin class was Totally Toned. I threw a few new things at the group today.
stability Ball Tuck -In plus Push up The only difference from the way we did them was step 1 and 2 are flip-flopped. Either way will work though!
They also seemed to enjoy the modified plank + shoulder taps. You first start in a full plank on your toes and hands. Making sure your form is perfect and your abs are engaged. Slowly drop your knees to the ground and elevate your feet.
touch your right hand to your left shoulder for 1 count and then switch sides until your set is complete. The key is to keep your shoulders and hips squared the whole time. Do Not Rotate. Please. The group also performed some lunges, hamstring curls, full sit ups and bicycle crunches. I threw in some side plank ups, plie squats and lat pull downs with the body bar too. We had time for 2 sets of everything – 12 reps and then 8 reps plus lower back and stretching.
Later tonight Matt and I have X Fit Couples. I think I am ready. I think I need a nap first!


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