Weekend Update

Quick weekend update!!

Saturday I took my new borrowed bike for a test spin.  I rode it a whole 18 minutes!  I also ran .8 of a mile!  I also got a massage.  I pretty much took it easy all day.

Later at night we ( Matt, Andi, and 500+ other peeps) headed out to a Fundraiser Pub Crawl!  Kalis Cure  It was the 2nd annual crawl and we had a blast.  It was probably not the best decision before a race, but hey.  That is how I do things! 😉  It was still an early night.  It was worth seeing friends I have not seen since the last pub crawl too!

Sunday– The Steelecase Duathlon!  5k run, 30k bike, 5k run. Or, as I like to call it ~  Hellish, Hellier and Helliest!  Oh yes!  It was FUN, despite my descriptions.  It was hard, but I don’t think I have ever gone to a race and said it was easy!  I will try to have a picture filled ( hint, hint) re cap later tonight or most likely tomorrow!  I am off to chow down on some pizza and spend time with my family in this beautiful weather ( bout time).
Giveaway ends tonight at 9:30pm!

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin, Totally Toned, X Fit for Couples


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