Friday- *New workout schedule*

Friday~ 5:30 am spin!  I had a good strength class this morning. During the strength journey your goal is to keep your HR at least 75%.  I had a

Please respect your neighbor in group exercise class!

lot of energy apparently since I took yesterday completely off from exercise.  Weird what a little rest will do.  😉  I think we climbed for a total of 23 minutes this morning.  There were moments of despair 3 minute flat roads, but not too many.  Oh, I had a few girls in class this morning that had a lot to catch up on apparently.  Well, my hints of turning up the music flew right over their heads as they just TALKED LOUDER!  Big mistake.  Let me tell you why.  There was a certain member that was not a fan of their chatter.  I was giving the overly talkative bunch 1 more minute to hush before speaking up, but the certain member gave them only 10 more seconds.  She told them in a voice louder than my music to basically pipe down!  They obeyed….until the cool down stretch began.  They started talking again!!  My plan was to speak to them after class ( tsk tsk ladies!), but the other member stepped in again….she let them have it- again.  I hope they come back.  Quietly, but I hope to see them again!  I was unable to talk to them because they left as soon as the stretch was over!  With that being said, most regular gym members know the rules and etiquette.  We have some general rules posted, but this group must have missed them!  My morning group is all business.  They talk before and after class.  There might be a few things said during class, but it’s usually about the class.  Like ”  Whooop whooop!”  or ” Is she serious?” and,” Ugh, it’s about time!!”  Stuff like that.  I don’t think they meant to be rude or disrespectful, but I hope they learned their lesson!

After spin I got on an elliptical for 10 minutes of easy cardio.  I could not get away from the Royal Wedding( Kate did look great though; for a Commoner) .  I ended up watching The Animal Planet.  It was about Big Cats.  Good stuff.   After that I foam rolled ( I know, it’s supposed to be done before cardio activity, but I don’t have time!) and it hurt.  I did some core work and then rolled again.  It did not hurt as bad, but it’s sore now.

I am not sure what is going on for tomorrow.  My running club has a 12 mile run planned.  I won’t be doing that.  I might test out the bike I don’t have yet and perhaps run 2-3 miles?!?!  No clue right now.  I do have a massage appointment planned for 9 AM though.  So whatever I do, I best be done by then!  I can’t wait!

I think I have a rough idea of what my training sch. will look like beginning next week:


Cardio: Spin

Strength: XFit Couples


Cardio: Cardio Sculpt and running


Cardio:  M & M, Spin

Strength:  M & M

Core/Flexibility:  PiYo


Cardio: Run/Elliptical Or OFF


Cardio:  Spin/Elliptical

Make up day:  strength or core


Cardio:  Run


Cardio:  Road cycling

Flexibility:  would be nice!

And it starts!  Let’s see how long I can will adhere to this!

* Giveaway ends Sunday!


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