A day in pictures….

Thursday ~ Miles and I were bored so we took some pictures of ourselves.  What else is there to do on a rainy morning?!?!

He can't take a serious picture anymore to save his life!!

He then asked for us both to make a silly face!

My new shirt!

Thanks for the gift Andi!

I forgot to post this on my anniversary.  Can you believe the first time (in my life) I had a face of full makeup was the day before my wedding?!?

Royal Wedding......

I know that these bars would not be considered 100% paleo friendly, but the ingredients for the Apple Pie are:  dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins,  and cinnamon.   Cherry Pie :Dates,  almonds and unsweetened cherries.

Tasty treat!

I had the Apple Pie bar yesterday.  It was delicious!  But at $1.69 for one of these tiny things??  I won’t be a frequent buyer unless I find a great deal and some coupons!!  I could try to make them myself, but probably not!

I jumped on the bandwagon and made some Baked Crispy Kale.  To my shock; it was delicious!  To my astonishment, BOTH kids could not keep their hands out of it!!  Yep, even Miles.  Mr. PB and jelly, carrots, yogurt, and green beans only please and thanks.  He she shoveling it in. We all just stood over the cookie sheet and ate until it was gone.  I think they really enjoyed how crispy it was.  I really can’t explain it.  Just make it!  Mine only took about 8 minutes.  Watch is closely so it does not burn!

The raw kale- next time I will make sure to cut all pieces the same size. I ended up putting some un-crisped pieces back in the over!


Amara of course has to pose while enjoying her kale!

Don't mind the green stuff between my teeth!

Question:  Have you tried baked kale?  Thoughts?

6 thoughts on “A day in pictures….

  1. I love the pictures. You have the most beautiful children.
    I’m trying to remember..are you doing the Paleo Diet?
    If so how is it going for you. It looks like something i would like to try.
    I downloaded a sample of the book to my Kindle to look it over before i bought it..

    Thanks.. and Happy Belated Anniversary

  2. I made the crispy kale this afternoon. Y-u-m!
    Hannah said it smelled awful, but tasted great!
    So addictive. Thanks, Marcia, for posting that! 🙂

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