Paleo Update

I lost count on what week this is.  I know it is well over 30 days.

To sum up what I thought/think of the Paleo lifestyle.  I think it is great.  I felt great while strictly following this way of life.

Will I continue this lifestyle?  Loosely.

Did I have positive results? YES!

I will follow loosely because to be honest I like starchy things. I already knew this about myself.  It was not difficult for me to forgo the starchy processed things, but I kind of miss them.  I have an organic ( minimally processed this way) multi grain cracker here and there.  I dip the cracker in some forbidden hummus.  After doing this I somehow did not explode!  Whew!

I still have not “given in” to things such as brown rice, couscous, whole wheat bread and my beloved oatmeal.  These are somehow the things I don’t miss.  I thought I would miss them the most.  The things I miss the most is candy.  Yup.  I won’t lie.  I probably went to Wal-Mart ( I never shop there because it’s not close to my house and I don’t know the lay out etc. and it’s Wal – Mart)  😉  to get the newest Hot Tamale movie theater sized box of candy.  I did not share either.  I told the kids they were too hot for them.  They were really good by the way.  Wal Mart is the only store that carries them right now.  I actually found some on eBay up for bid.  Weird, but true.

So anyway.

PROS of Paleo 

I eat tons of veggies

I eat tons of fruit

I am not less bloated

I am cooking some good stuff!

I had great results

CONS of Paleo

Kind of expensive

It takes a lot of prep/planning/cooking

My family does not eat all the same things

I miss certain foods and don’t like being told I can’t eat them! ( hummus and candy..not together of course…)

In a nutshell those are my personal pros and cons. I will continue to use the basic principles of this way of life.  I saw results and hope to at least maintain them if not continue to keep making the results (ie: fat loss).

Let me know if you have any questions about the “diet” or my experience with it.  You can post the question here or email me at


4 thoughts on “Paleo Update

  1. I found this post very informative, as I have been hearing the Paleo diet name being thrown around here and there. I’m with you, Marcia, I love starchy things. And salty things. But your comment about Hot Tamales threw me for a loop. I buy them at Target all the time, in (what I thought was) a movie theater-size box. I wouldn’t really know, though, since I haven’t been to the movies in eons 🙂

  2. Hi Marcia,

    Glad to hear about your whole30, it’s a weird feeling when it ends because you want to stay paleo because it feels good but its a relief to stop. On Easter I found myself eating so many non paleo things all at once and completely losing my balance of whats healthy and what’s worth it. It turned into a “forget the healthy lets eat more cheese and desserts”. I also find that the longer I stay paleo the bigger my sweet tooth gets. It’s a constant effort. I think just finding some balance and minimizing our grain intake is probably the main objective of this lifestyle, everything else is alterable.


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