It’s an M & M, Race Day, PiYo kinda day

Ouch.  I am one sore lady.  It’s been a very  active week for me already and it’s only Wednesday.  Getting out of bed today was difficult.  For one thing, I did not sleep well because of the early wake up call.  I can’t be late to work so of course I was up every 25 minutes since 3:30 am checking the time!

Today was my first day teaching the 6 am M & M class.  Sometimes it’s hard to read a class.  It’s early I know that.  I was happy for the 2/12 people who cracked a smile this morning!  I taught a kick box/weight combo class.  It was very similar to what I did yesterday for cardio sculpt.  I think the class enjoyed it – 🙂

Today’s spin class was all about the Race Day.  Courtesy of Andi!  I borrowed one of her race day profiles.  It was a goodie.  I was spent!

I was able to take a PiYo class today at 11 am , after spin class.  I was hungry between classes and I drank a O.N.E. Coconut Water.

coconut water with a splash of pineapple - good stuff right here!

I won’t say it tied me over ( it’s water!), but it was refreshing and it’s supposed to have a lot of potassium and electrolytes.  2 things needed after the sweat fest in spin class.  PiYo is a class brought to us from the great Chalene Johnson.  You know the creator of Turbo Jam/Kick/Fire…..   The class is a PiLates and YoGa fusion style.  I am not really good at either disciplines so why not jump right in to both at the same time?!??!  That’s how I roll.  It was great.  You gain strength and flexibility flowing though both styles.  The poses are not held too long either.  If they were I would not be a fan! Hopefully, I can do this regularly on Wednesday’s for a while.  It will be count as my core workout and possibly stretching as well.  This will help me figure out a new workout plan for myself that includes cardio ( check- ha) strength training/core and flexibility.  I will be well rounded one of these days!

I am contemplating taking tomorrow off, but kinda think I should try to run a few miles.  I am not sure what to do.  I have the duathlon on Sunday, but have not ridden outdoors in 6 months.  I have not pounded the pavement by foot since my tragic run on Saturday either.  And I want need to lift again this week as well.  I am counting the 2 Strong Training as a lifting day.  Realistically I would like to fit one more day in.

On tap for Thursday:  Clueless.

The giveaway entries are looking better people! 😉

IF you wrote on the Mom.Wife.Fitness. LIFE  FB page….. go back to the giveaway blog post and tell me that you “liked” the FB page. It will get you another entry.  🙂



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