Monday night!

Matt and I signed up for another 7 weeks of 2 Strong Training.  It is now called XFit Couples!  Uh oh!  This class is now a more advanced class as it was difficult to cater to beginners up to advanced.  There are 4 couples now.  It was fun.  It was HARD.  It was fun.  Today was the first class and we started it with a fitness test.  After a long warm up of jogging in place, jumping jacks and stretching we were off! 10 exercises performed as hard and fast as you could go for 1 minute!  Umm, yea.  This was hard!!! We will retest again during week 7.  So I need to work on my pull ups in the mean time.  I cranked out 5 in 60 seconds!  Haha!  I have been stuck at 4 so I was happy…and this was exercise # 10 so I was super tired and fatigued already.  yea, that’s it!  😉

A few of the other exercises that I remember, in no particular order:

Push ups

full sit ups


up and downs

switch kicks ( killer)

ski jumps 

globe squatsg ( I have never seen/heard of these before – you basically squat and hop back and then to the side until you complete a square. No idea why it’s called globe- the earth is not square shaped.  Or is it!?!??!?! )

Plank in and outs

I can’t remember the rest!  Trust me when I say that they were HARD! I must have blocked them out!

I can tell this will be a competitive bunch, but in the best way possible! Everyone was working hard and encouraging each other along the way- especially during those dang pull ups!  I am already sore from tonight’s class.  Love it!!

On tap for Tuesday:  Run in the AM?  Cardio Sculpt and dinner out with Matt  ( it’s our anniversary!)


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