ImprompDU 2011- and a giveaway.

What a long weekend.  Holidays are always fun; really.  BUT, with all the travelling, excessive eating ( not me though…  😉 ) and long nights and early mornings; things can really catch up to you.  Well, it caught up to me.  Even though I felt exhausted at bedtime I could not get to sleep.  I felt myself drifting off and then for some reason I woke up, and stayed awake for a loooong time.  Booo!

Spin at 10!  Today’s class defiantly woke me up!  It was an interval  class with a repeating loop. Kind of.  The interval was repeated 4 times, but the length was extended by about 30 seconds per movement each time.  That little bit added up!  It felt kind of like a race day, but with recoveries!  Thank goodness… Today’s class  had 1 empty bike, and quite a few new faces were seen.  My HR avg. was 154 with a 437 calorie burn for 42 minutes.  That is high for me ( calorie – wise).  A few months ago a high calorie burn spin for me would have been 375!  I am not sure what is going on.  Maybe I was a slacker a few months ago??  Yep, that must be it!

Totally Toned at noon.  Today’s class was upper body and hamstring heavy!  I am sure they will be feeling this for the next few days.  Great work though.

So it seems I ( Ms. Andi too, and it was all.her.idea.) will be racing (haha) in my first duathlon of the season this Sunday.  Umm, what?!?!  Right.  A friend of mine had a free race entry and kindly went behind my back and signed me up!  I thought she was kidding, but she was not.  I found the race confirmation in my email box yesterday.    This excites me.  Well, sort of.  It does because I only do one DU a year ( these things are not cheap!) so this gives me the opportunity to participate in at least 2 this year!  The down side is that I have not been on a bike since the fall.  I probably won’t be able to get on the bike until Thursday or Friday or most likely when the race starts!  Uh oh.  Not only is the bike borrowed, but I have never ridden it before.  We have thunderstorms in the forecast from Tuesday until Thursday!  Sunshine and no rain (please!!) starts on  Friday!  This duathlon is known for its crappy weather, so I am hopeful that this year will be the year of good weather.  I am so hopeful. The Steelcase Grand Duathlon starts at 10 am ( another bonus!) Most of it is flat.  I guess there is 1 hill that in years past has been very hard to climb due to the wind.  5k run, 30k bike ending with another 5k run.  I of course looked at the times for last year.  Umm, I will make this a practice Du and fun race for sure!  These ladies are not playing around!  I would like to be competitive, but I have to be realistic too.  I have not trained.  I have not done the horrid brick training either ( bike and then run so your legs get used to this horrible feeling… Jello anyone?!?!)  I hate Jello.   Maybe I should just wait for the race to experience the horribleness…

I have 1 box of Advocare SPARK to giveaway.  Matt and I love this stuff!!  It’s used for energy and focus and I can tell you that it gives me both of these things.  I use it instead of coffee in the morning.  I also use it when I feel run down or before exercising.   The flavor is fruit punch.  Here are some facts on the product.

  • Our #1 seller
  • The most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market
  • Sugar-free, long-lasting energy*
  • Surprisingly fast-acting*
  • Contains 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to synergistically provide a healthy, balanced source of energy*
  • Just 45 calories per serving
  • Sharpens mental focus*

Click here to learn even more about this awesome product.

Easy to Enter:

Do any of the following:

~Subscribe to my blog ( 1 entry)

~”Like” my FB page and let me know that you want to win the Spark! (1 entry)

~Head to my Advocare page and tell me what you would like to try besides Spark. (1 entry)

~Tell me why you need focus and/or energy in your world.  ( 1 entry )

~Facebook, Blog, or Twitter about this giveaway and leave the link ( 1 entry per social media mention).

~Let me know what you want me to blog about. ( 1 entry per comment) 

Lots of easy ways to enter!  Giveaway ends this Sunday at 9:30 pm EST.  Open to US and Canada.

** PLEASE separate EACH entry– or it won’t count!!  🙂 If you already entered comments and your comments are not showing up; there is a good chance you did not separate your entries.

Thanks and good luck!

The actual giveaway is of a box of 14 pouches of Spark....


24 thoughts on “ImprompDU 2011- and a giveaway.

  1. I would love to try for increased energy for longer runs. Training for 5/3, and if I go over 12, those laSt few miles are killer.

  2. As you know, keeping up with a 3 year old seems to take more energy and focus than teaching back to back race day classes for a month straight. This is why I need more energy and focus…so I can keep up with Luke and manage to keep track of everything else! 🙂

  3. I need focus and energy to keep up with my 3 yr old and 20 month old and to keep track of mine and my husbands rotrating work schedules. All while trying to live a healthy life style and train for my Tri’s!!

  4. I would love for you to blog more about what you eat and spicifically what you feed your children. What you give them for snacks and for meals. I worry that mine will get tired of the same old stuff. Seems there is not the variety with healthy food as there is with processed!!

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  6. I would love you to keep blogging about different exercises, but maybe with some more explanation or links to know what some of the things are like, rolling.

  7. This is fun! I started my own blog too, but right now I am the only one following until I get comfortable. Thanks again for all of the inspiration!

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