Saturday explained……..

Saturday~  As I said yesterday, the 16 mile run was not such a success….  Yes, Andi and I completed all the miles, but it was not easy.  I even had on my new shoes; what the heck!??! Actually I pretty much know why it was no hard.  Aside from the fact that the route we did was hilly (ex: 1 one of the hills was just about .5 miles in length.  A nice steady incline….)

*I won’t even give a complete play by-play…  you can click HERE  if you want to see for yourself! Let’s just say I was surprised that we only had 2 miles in the 11 minute range!

The other reason is that I was not properly recovered from the half marathon.  I know, it was only 13.1 miles 😉 .  Andi and I had to put it into perspective.  We did not really even stretch after the half marathon.  Duh.  We did not take any sort of recovery aid that we normally do after a tough workout. We both instruct multiple group exercise/spinning classes  throughout the week and won’t ever hold back even if we have blisters on our feet don’t like to hold back or take it too easy.

The point I am making is that recovery is so important.  My body was tired.  It did not have proper rest to repair and restore what I put it though.  The 13.1  mile race did put a toll on my body and I needed to chill out afterwards to heal.  Please remind me of this after my next endurance race. I tend to forget.  😉

So after my run I had to get home and shower and eat and change to get ready for a 5k!  I was sooo dreading it today for obvious reasons.  I almost skipped the running portion of the Hot Yoga for Runner’s workshop, but felt I should run to get those running specific muscles nice and injured warmed up!  The run was kind of horrible, but I had great company that proved to be a distraction.  We talked the whole time.  I think I only had a few moments of being “sooo over this run!”

After the run we changed into yoga appropriate attire.  I was able to test out my brand new outfit from 4 all!  I chose the New Orleans V-Neck Contrast Tank in a pretty black and white mosaic print.  I paired it with the very comfy Knit Capri in black.  (I also have this pant in taupe).  I was glad I chose this outfit!!

After the 5k, getting ready to do some yoga with my awesome instructor Elizabeth!

I was beyond sore so I guess I was in the right place at the right time!  The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse is where it’s at! It was great to be amongst other runners in the studio too.  We were all here for the same reasons.  To learn how yoga can benefit as runners.  It will enable us to be better at running!  Score!  I’ll take 2 please! A yoga class centered around running will offer lots of hip openers ( can you say FROG pose??  It hurts so good) and half pigeon, among others.  There were a lot of quad and hamstring dominate poses as well.  I won’t lie.  It was uncomfortable at times, but I know it was doing me a world of good.  I now know that my 4 all outfit was the PERFECT yoga outfit.  Besides being flattering ( which it was!) it was also moisture wicking.  That’s very important in a yoga HOT house…I was sweating buckets.  Be thankful I did not take a picture of my yoga mat, or myself for that matter! The tank top was also long enough.  By long enough I mean the top was not cropped.  It did not show my mom tummy when I was doing a downward dog or plank pose.  That means that I was not tugging and pulling at my shirt; I was able to just concentrate on doing yoga and nothing else.  Class was as always awesome.  I was even more excited to hear that this summer the hot yoga studio will add more classes; 1 of them being a yoga for runners class!  Woohoo!!  I can’t wait!   After class I took my sweaty self home, ate a quick snack, packed and was on the road to meet up with the rest of my family at my in-laws for Easter.

Sunday~  Day off for me.  I had the chance to use my mom in-laws elliptical, but I neglected to bring any workout clothes.  Oh well. I am still quite sore AND remember all that recovery business I talked about a few minutes ago??? Yep, I am listening to my own advice for once! Today was spent relaxing and reading and driving back home.

On tap for Monday:  Spin class, Totally Toned and Two Strong Training.

I think we might have to start pureeing her food!


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