late night partier

Saturday- 12 am

I am still up.  Big shocker.  I watched the movie…127 Hours.  Holy S! I already knew what was going to happen for the most part, but WOW!  If you have seen this let me know your thoughts.

Matt, Amara and I are all signed up for the BIG race on May 14th.  I signed Matt up first and had trouble signing the girl up, that is why his name is nowhere to be seen.  He and Amara are doing the 5k together and I will do the 25k.

We're in!

All the “cool” people try to get under 2 hours. I am not cool yet.  I am not going to try and be cool this year either!  It seems so out of my grasp now.  I know I keep blaming my vocal cord crap, but I used to be much faster….ugh.  I try not to let it get to me, but it does.  My HALF marathon had a 8:53 ish pace..not bad at all.  My last MARATHON had an 8:10 ish pace..does.not.compute.  Ugh.   My very best 25k time 2:00:37..yup, missed it by 38 seconds – 7:45 pace!  LAME!  This was the same year as the marathon ( My BQ marathon..oh woe is me…).  I don’t even want to discuss my latest 5k times.  Debbie Downer returns!  It doesn’t help that I threw away misplaced my breathing exercises for the vocal cords.  I was doing so well that I put them in a safe place….too bad I have no idea where that is!  Well, I plan on having fun at the 25k. I PLAN on not having a breathing episode.  I plan on running better than I did at Glass City.  I PLAN on doing at least 1 of the things I just mentioned!  😉  I think I am just blabbering becuase it’s 12 midnight and I should be sleeping.  The thunderstorm is way too loud though……


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