~~Wednesday and Thursday~~

Wednesday ~ Spin class at 10 am.  It was a mix of speed and hills…. kind of an interval within an interval class.  Each interval was 5 minutes long with timed surges and then an easier pace for the duration.  I think this made class go by super fast.  I have done similar classes and have gotten good feedback, but I always try to change it up, even if it is only a tiny bit.  After spin I got on the elliptical for an easy pace.  My legs were still kind of tired, but much better than Tuesday!  I had plans of fitting in some core work at home, but I was so hungry that I ate lunch and then just forgot to do core!  Uh oh.  There is always tomorrow…which at this moment it today and uh oh – I still didn’t do CORE!

Thursday –  I should back up a bit to Wednesday night.  I went to bed after 1 am.  ( Matt and I had a fun time of undoing my braids…always a good time to cathc up on MANY DVR shows….).  I actually did not fall right asleep as I had hoped.  I was woken by Miles at around 4:15 am…he needed me to come and watch/listen to him fart pass some gas on the toilet.  Always a treat.  Thanks again Miles!  I fell promptly asleep only to have the alarm wake me up at 4:25 am.  Matt accidentally on purposeturned on my Friday morning wake up call!  Ugh.  Miles came back to get me up at 7am.  I had a 9 am hair appointment.  Thankfully, that only took about 3 hours from when she actual started ( 10 am..ugh).  I pretty much like the results.  I hate hair though so I just go with whatever.  Well, as long as I like it.

new do...picture taken in the parking lot of Super Wally World!

The new DO left me no time for exercise today.  I am kind of bummed about that, but I am also totally exhausted due to my late night.  I am going to bed now. Nighty night!

On tap for Friday:  Sleep in     Early spin, weights/core

*I am trying to come up with a structured ( ha) lifting program for myself.  I do this for a living to guide others, but have the HARDEST  time coming up with my own thing.  Lame!


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